Restaurant Inspection Scores in San Francisco

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This dataset provides restaurant scores for inspections performed by LIVES (Local Inspector Value-Entry Specification). It also provides the name of the restaurant as well as the location and address of the restaurants.


In 2012, Yelp partnered with the City of San Francisco and City of New York to develop the Local Inspector Value-Entry Specification (LIVES). LIVES is an open data standard which allows municipalities to publish restaurant inspection information to Yelp.

The Health Department has developed an inspection report and scoring system. After conducting an inspection of the facility, the Health Inspector calculates a score based on the violations observed. Violations can fall into “high risk category” – records specific violations that directly relate to the transmission of food borne illnesses, the adulteration of food products and the contamination of food-contact surfaces, “moderate risk category” – records specific violations that are of a moderate risk to the public health and safety and “low risk category” – records violations that are low risk or have no immediate risk to the public health and safety. The score card that will be issued by the inspector is maintained at the food establishment and is available to the public

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San Francisco


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LIVES Restaurant Inspection Scores, San Francisco LIVES Restaurant Inspection Scores

Business_IdBusiness Id assigned to the restaurantintegerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Business_NameName of the restaurantstringrequired : 1
Business_AddressAddress of the restaurantstring-
CityCity where the restaurant is locatedstringrequired : 1
StateState in which the restaurant is locatedstringrequired : 1
Postal_CodeRestaurant postal codeintegerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeGeo location latitude of the restaurantnumber-
LongitudeGeo location longitude of the restaurantnumber-
Business_Phone_NumberRestaurant's phone numberintegerlevel : Nominal
Inspection_IdInspection id assigned to the inspectionstring-
Inspection_DateDate of inspectiondate-
Inspection_ScoreScore assigned after the inspectionintegerlevel : Ratio
Inspection_TypeType of inspection performedstringrequired : 1
Violation_IdViolation Idstring-
Violation_DescriptionDescription of the violation Idstring-
Risk_CategoryCategory of the violationstring-
77406Hogwash582 Sutter StSan FranciscoCA77406_201504232015-04-23Complaint
86865Miyabi393 Bay StSan FranciscoCA9413386865_201606102016-06-10Complaint
86798Futo3224 22nd StSan FranciscoCA9411086798_201605042016-05-04Complaint
83821The HallMarket StSan FranciscoCA9410283821_201509252015-09-25Complaint
85492Mi BowlOff The GridSan FranciscoCA85492_201601072016-01-07New Ownership
86405V16 LLC3092 16th StSan FranciscoCA9410386405_201607062016-07-06Complaint
87699Dum3111 24th StSan FranciscoCA9411087699_201605232016-05-23New Ownership
87699Dum3111 24th StSan FranciscoCA9411087699_201605112016-05-11New Ownership
88064Ike's Press63 PowellSan FranciscoCA88064_201607202016-07-20New Ownership
82571Zzan643 Post StSan FranciscoCA9410982571_201509092015-09-09New Ownership