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Restaurant Inspection Scores Data Package

$2,685 $1,878 / YEAR

This accelerator provides restaurant inspection scores, violations, grades and adjudication information for restaurants in New York City, Austin Texas, King county, San Fransisco in US and Oxford City Council in UK.

- Before visiting a new restaurant, the diners can check the restaurant's score in order to decide if it's worth spending money. - Useful for new restauranteurs to check the scores of existing restaurants - Score are available for many cities across US
1. Approved Food Establishments in UK ($179)
2. Food Hygiene Rating Data in Oxford City Council ($447.5)
3. Restaurant Inspection Scores in Austin Texas ($716)
4. Restaurant Inspection Scores in King County ($447.5)
5. Restaurant Inspection Scores in New York City ($716)
6. Restaurant Inspection Scores in San Francisco ($179)