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RxNorm Drugs Names and Identifiers

This dataset contains all of the source-provided drug and ingredient names, as well as the normalized SAB=RXNORM names. Every string or concept name in RxNorm appears in this file, connected to its language, source vocabularies, and its concept identifier.

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RxNorm provides normalized names for clinical drugs and links its names to many of the drug vocabularies commonly used in pharmacy management and drug interaction software, including those of First Databank, Micromedex, MediSpan, Gold Standard Drug Database, and Multum. By providing links between these vocabularies, RxNorm can mediate messages between systems not using the same software and vocabulary.

Concepts are collections of synonyms at a given level of abstraction. Each concept receives an RX_Concept_CUI, which is unique to that concept. An RX_Concept_CUI is essentially the “name” of a concept that computers read and understand. Each drug name carries additional characteristics, including its source, its code (the unique identifier assigned by its source), and its term type. An atom is a drug name plus these additional characteristics. Each atom within a concept receives an atom unique identifier, an RX_Atom_AUI.

Each row in this file represents a single atom, and the RXAtom_AUI value is unique for each row. Essentially, the row is the atom. Because a given concept may include multiple atoms, there may be multiple rows with a given RXConcept_CUI.

RxNorm is creating duplicates of source asserted atoms, which carry multiple meanings. When an atom is duplicated, the original source atom is considered to be a ‘Base’ atom. The duplicate atoms’ strings are created by appending ‘_#N’ to the Base atom string where ‘N’ is a number from 1 to N number of duplicates for this base atom. The duplicate atom’s ‘Term_Type_in_Source_TTY’ will be created by prepending ‘MTH_RXN_’ to the base atom’s term type.

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John Snow Labs; National Library of Medicine (NLM);

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Synonymous Drug Names, RxNorm Drugs Names, RxNorm Normalized Names, Source Vocabulary Attributes, RxNorm Data History, Drug Vocabulary Links, RxNorm Software Vocabulary, RxNorm Source Provider, RxNorm Database, Common Drug Vocabularies, RXNCONSO

Other Titles

Concept Names and Sources, Drugs Names and Unique Identifiers, Synonymous Drugs Names With The Same Concepts, Normalized Name for The Concepts, Current Prescribable Content Subset, All Drugs from a Specific Data Source, Normalized Drugs Names, Duplicated Drugs Analytics

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
RXConcept_CUIRxNorm Unique identifier for concept (concept ID)stringrequired : 1maxLength : 8
LanguageLanguage of Termstringenum : Array ( [0] => ENG ) maxLength : 3
Term_Status_TSTerm statusstringmaxLength : 1
Term_LUIUnique identifier for termstringmaxLength : 8
String_Type_STTString typestringmaxLength : 3
String_SUIUnique identifier for stringstringmaxLength : 8
Is_PreferredAtom status - preferred (true) or not (false) for this string within this conceptboolean-
RXAtom_AUIRxNorm Unique identifier for atom (RxNorm Atom ID)stringrequired : 1maxLength : 8
Source_Asserted_Atom_SAUISource asserted atom identifierstringmaxLength : 50
Source_Asserted_Concept_SCUISource asserted concept identifierstringmaxLength : 50
Source_Asserted_Descriptor_SDUISource asserted Descriptor identifierstringmaxLength : 50
Source_AbbreviationSource abbreviationstringrequired : 1maxLength : 20
Term_Type_In_Source_TTYTerm type in sourcestringrequired : 1maxLength : 20
Most_Useful_Source_CODE"Most useful" source asserted identifier (if the source vocabulary has more than one identifier), or RxNorm-generated source entry identifier (if the source vocabulary has none.)stringmaxLength : 50
Drug_StringDrug namestringmaxLength : 3000
Source_Restriction_Level_SRLSource Restriction LevelstringmaxLength : 10
Suppressible_Flag_SUPPRESSSuppressible flag.stringenum : Array ( [0] => N [1] => O [2] => Y [3] => E ) maxLength : 1
Content_View_FlagContent view flag. RxNorm includes one value, '4096', to denote inclusion in the Current Prescribable Content subset.stringmaxLength : 50

Data Preview

RXConcept CUILanguageTerm Status TSTerm LUIString Type STTString SUIIs PreferredRXAtom AUISource Asserted Atom SAUISource Asserted Concept SCUISource Asserted Descriptor SDUISource AbbreviationTerm Type In Source TTYMost Useful Source CODEDrug StringSource Restriction Level SRLSuppressible Flag SUPPRESSContent View Flag
3ENG871779558488005SNOMEDCT_USPT584880051,4-alpha-Glucan branching enzymeN
3ENG871779658488005SNOMEDCT_USFN584880051,4-alpha-Glucan branching enzyme (substance)N
3ENG871816458488005SNOMEDCT_USSY58488005Branching enzymeN
19ENG10794497112116001SNOMEDCT_USFN11211600117-hydroxycorticosteroid (substance)N
21ENG1182362246120009SNOMEDCT_USFN4612000917-ketosteroid (substance)N