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  • RXNorm Term Types and Drug Database
  • RXNorm Normalized Names for Generic and Branded Drugs
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  • RXNorm Term Types
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  • Drug Terminologies
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  • RxNorm Software Vocabulary
  • RxNorm Database
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RxNorm Drug Terminologies Data Package

This data package contains information on RxNorm concepts, atoms, attributes, retired concepts, relationships that exist between atoms and concepts, semantic types, or broad subject categories assigned to each concept, relationships that exist between atoms and concepts for currently prescribed drugs, RxNorm drug and ingredient names and codes as well as source-provided drug and ingredient names.

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Hospitals, pharmacies, and other organizations use computer systems to record and process drug information. Because these systems use many different sets of drug names, it can be difficult for one system to communicate with another. To address this challenge, RxNorm data package provides normalized names and unique identifiers for medicines and drugs. The goal this data package is to allow computer systems to communicate drug-related information efficiently and unambiguously.