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RxNorm Prescription Drugs Attributes Data for Concepts and Atoms

This dataset contains all of the attribute data. This includes RXNORM provided attributes for currently prescribable drugs. The attributes such as normalized 11-digit National Drug Codes (NDCs), UNII codes, and human or veterinary usage markers, and source-provided attributes, such as labeler, definition, and imprint information. Each attribute has an ‘Attribute Name’ (ATN) and ‘Attribute Value’ (ATV) combination. For example, NDCs have an ATN of ‘NDC’ and an ATV of the actual NDC value.

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RxNorm provides normalized names for clinical drugs and links its names to many of the drug vocabularies commonly used in pharmacy management and drug interaction software, including those of First Databank, Micromedex, MediSpan, Gold Standard Drug Database, and Multum. By providing links between these vocabularies, RxNorm can mediate messages between systems not using the same software and vocabulary.

This dataset is a subset of currently prescribable drugs found in RxNorm. NLM intends it to be an approximation of the prescription drugs currently marketed in the US. The subset also includes some frequently-prescribed over-the-counter drugs.

The subset includes only the active RxNorm normalized names, codes (RxCUIs), attributes, and relationships, as well as the FDA structured product label drugs and ingredients and the small set of CMS data. It does not include data from any of the other 14 RxNorm data providers, such as First DataBank, Micromedex, or the Veterans Administration. We also removed suppressed and obsolete data SAB=RXNORM.

This dataset associates attributes data with RXAtom_AUI_IDs and RXConcept_CUI_IDs. The corresponding drug names for these RXAtom_AUI_IDs and RXConcept_CUI_IDs are found in “RxNorm Drugs Names and Identifiers” dataset.

A base atom can be identified by the existence of an attribute, where the Attribute_Name_ATN=’AMBIGUITY_FLAG’ and the Attribute_Value_ATV=’Base’. Similarly, the duplicate atoms are identified with Attribute_Name_ATN =’AMBIGUITY_FLAG’ and Attribute_Value_ATV =’Duplicate’. This attribute will carry the Source_Abbreviation=RXNORM.

The quantity factor is stored as an attribute as the value of the Attribute_Name_ATN =’RXN_QUANTITY’ with Source_Abbreviation=RXNORM. This quantity factor consists of a number followed by a unit measure. The number might represent a strength, a unit of time, or a quantity of dosages depending upon the drug’s dosage form in use at the time.

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John Snow Labs; National Library of Medicine (NLM);

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RxNorm Attributes, RxNorm Concept Attributes, RxNorm Normalized Names, Source Vocabulary Attributes, RxNorm Data History, Drug Vocabulary Links, RxNorm Software Vocabulary, RxNorm Database, Common Drug Vocabularies, Currently Prescribable Drugs, Source Vocabulary Attributes, RXNSAT, MRSAT

Other Titles

Simple Concepts and Atom Attributes, All Attributes for a Specific Concept or Atom, Attribute Name Value Pairs with in a Specific Source Provider, The normalized NDCs Provided by NLM (Source_Abbreviation='RXNORM' and Attribute_Name_ATN=’NDC’)

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
RXConcept_CUIRxNorm Unique identifier for concept (concept ID)stringmaxLength : 8
Term_LUIUnique identifier for termstringmaxLength : 8
String_SUIUnique identifier for stringstringmaxLength : 8
RXAtom_AUIRxNorm Unique identifier for atom (RxNorm Atom ID)stringmaxLength : 8
Source_Type_STYPEThe name of the column in “RxNorm Drugs Names and Identifiers” or “RxNorm Relationships Between Concepts and Atoms“ that contains the identifier to which the attribute is attached, e.g., _CUI, _AUI.stringmaxLength : 50
Most_Useful_Source_CODE"Most useful" source asserted identifier (if the source vocabulary has more than one identifier), or RxNorm-generated source entry identifier (if the source vocabulary has none.)stringmaxLength : 50
Attribute_ATUIUnique identifier for attributestringmaxLength : 11
Source_Asserted_Attribute_SATUISource asserted attribute identifierstringmaxLength : 50
Attribute_Name_ATNAttribute name. Possible values appear in “RxNorm Data Elements and Attributes Names” datasetstringrequired : 1maxLength : 1000
Source_AbbreviationSource abbreviationstringrequired : 1maxLength : 20
Attribute_Value_ATVAttribute value described under specific attribute name. A few attribute values exceed 1,000 characters. Many of the abbreviations used in attribute values are explained in “RxNorm Data Elements and Attributes Names” datasetstringmaxLength : 4000
Suppressible_Flag_SUPPRESSSuppressible flag.stringenum : Array ( [0] => N [1] => O [2] => Y [3] => E ) maxLength : 1
Content_View_FlagContent view flag. RxNorm includes one value, '4096', to denote inclusion in the Current Prescribable Content subset.stringmaxLength : 50

Data Preview

RXConcept CUITerm LUIString SUIRXAtom AUISource Type STYPEMost Useful Source CODEAttribute ATUISource Asserted Attribute SATUIAttribute Name ATNSource AbbreviationAttribute Value ATVSuppressible Flag SUPPRESSContent View Flag
388056626AUID001971AT212543507THMSHUNK (19XX)N
44946AUID015080AT17509891THMSHUSAN (1990)N
44946AUID015080AT17516152THMSHINN (19XX)N
44946AUID015080AT17536559THMSHBAN (19XX)N
44946AUID015080AT187630866THMSHFDA SRS (2014)N
44946AUID015080AT187637835THMSHUSP (19XX)N