RxNorm Semantic Types for Concepts

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This dataset contains the semantic types, or broad subject categories, assigned to each concept. Every concept receives at least one semantic type.


RxNorm provides normalized names for clinical drugs and links its names to many of the drug vocabularies commonly used in pharmacy management and drug interaction software, including those of First Databank, Micromedex, MediSpan, Gold Standard Drug Database, and Multum. By providing links between these vocabularies, RxNorm can mediate messages between systems not using the same software and vocabulary.

All RxNorm concepts have at least one entry in this file. Many have more than one entry. Eighty percent of RxNorm drug concepts have the semantic type ‘Clinical Drug’. This dataset associates semantic type data with RXConcept_CUI_IDs. The corresponding drug names for these RXConcept_CUI_IDs are found in “RxNorm Drugs Names and Identifiers” dataset.

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Categories Name Assigned To Each Concept, Current Prescribable Content Subset

RXConcept_CUIRxNorm Unique identifier for concept (concept ID)stringrequired : 1 maxLength : 8
Semantic_Type_TUIUnique identifier of Semantic TypestringmaxLength : 4
Semantic_Type_Tree_Number_STNSemantic Type tree numberstringmaxLength : 100
Semantic_Type_Value_STYSemantic Type ValuesstringmaxLength : 50
Attribute_ATUIUnique identifier for attributestringmaxLength : 11
Content_View_FlagContent view flag. RxNorm includes one value, '4096', to denote inclusion in the Current Prescribable Content subset.stringmaxLength : 50
RXConcept CUISemantic Type TUISemantic Type Tree Number STNSemantic Type Value STYAttribute ATUIContent View Flag
3T116A1. Acid, Peptide, or Protein
19T109A1. Chemical
21T109A1. Chemical
22T121A1. Substance
22T109A1. Chemical
33T116A1. Acid, Peptide, or Protein