Skilled Nursing Facility Utilization and Payment Data 2013

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This dataset provides information on services provided to Medicare beneficiaries residing in skilled nursing facilities. The Skilled Nursing Facility Public Use File contains information on utilization, payment, submitted charges, and beneficiary demographic and chronic condition indicators organized by Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services Certification Number (6-digit provider identification number), Resource Utilization Group (RUG), and state of service.


The primary data source for these data is CMS’s Chronic Conditions Data Warehouse (CCW). The CCW Part A and Part B data files contain 100 percent of Medicare final action claims for beneficiaries who are enrolled in the FFS program. The CCW Part A institutional claims and revenue center files, restricted to claims where the claim type code was “20” or “30” indicating that the claim was a Skilled Nursing Facility claim, were used to create the Skilled Nursing Facility PUF. The Skilled Nursing Facility PUF also includes information on the amount of therapy provided to patients who are categorized into two specific RUGs, the RV (Very-high Rehab) and RU (Ultra-high Rehab) categories.

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Skilled Nursing Facility, SNF Payment, SNF Charges, Skilled Nursing Facility 2013, Nursing Utilization and Payment Data

Other Titles

Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility Utilization and Payment Data 2013, Skilled Nursing Facility Payment Amounts 2013

Provider_IDThe 6-digit identification number for the SNF on the claim.integerlevel : Nominal
Facility_NameThe SNF name, as reported in the POS file.string-
Street_AddressAddress of SNF providerstring-
CityThe city where the SNF is located, as reported in the POS filestring-
StateThe state where the SNF is located, as reported in POS file. The fifty U.S. states and the District of Columbia are reported by the state postal abbreviation.string-
Zip_CodeThe SNF’s zip code, as reported in the POS file.integerlevel : Nominal
Total_StaysTotal count of stays provided by a SNF in the calendar year.numberlevel : Ratio
Distinct_Beneficiaries_Per_ProviderNumber of distinct Medicare beneficiaries with a least one SNF stay or SNF day in the calendar year. Beneficiaries may have more than one SNF stay or day per year but are only counted once in this field per row, however they may be double-counted across providers or RUGs. Therefore, this column will not sum to a total count of unique beneficiaries.numberlevel : Ratio
Average_Length_of_Stay_DaysAverage length of stay, in days.numberlevel : Ratio
Total_SNF_Charge_AmountCurrent: USDnumber-
Total_SNF_Medicare_Allowed_AmountCurrent: USDnumber-
Total_SNF_Medicare_Payment_AmountCurrent: USDnumber-
Total_SNF_Medicare_Standard_Payment_AmountCurrent: USDnumber-
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175492PARK VILLA114 S HIGH STCLYDEKS6693818121711581212015695292112627
175385ASBURY PARK200 SW 14THNEWTONKS67114827023706507733559619895706190
175484SALEM HOME704 S ASHHILLSBOROKS67063302532466802355986276214326702
676020MENARD MANOR100 GAY STMENARDTX76859171246295397281204197288237433
676288LAS PALMAS369 MARS DRCOTULLATX78014392948893637726432514348585232
155796CEDARS THE14409 SUNRISE CTLEOIN46765352824301616384462312978332180
205129MERCY HOMEPO BOX 228EAGLE LAKEME4739393326728358427200343284392824
265590MONROE MANOR200 SOUTH STPARISMO65275796523847156758766630746754781
525697MELLEN MANOR450 LAKE DRMELLENWI54546201831344015235682186102202178