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SNOMED Clinical Terminology Snapshot Data Package

SNOMED CT contains three different release file types in every version: full, delta and snapshot release. This data package consists of Snapshot Release which contains the current state of every component of SNOMED CT.

There are many benefits of using SNOMED CT in Electronic Health Records including: - Health information can be shared consistently within and across healthcare settings. - Data can be organized, queried, and analyzed for the benefit of the individual and institution. - The risk of different interpretations of the record between different healthcare settings can be reduced. - Updated twice a year to help users keep pace with the advances of healthcare terminology and add to the scope of coverage - In addition to adding value to Electronic Health Records, SNOMED CT supports the following Meaningful Use Objectives: - Maintain an up-to-date problem list of current and active diagnoses - Record patient family health history as structure data - Identify and report cancer cases to State cancer registries - Record and track changes in patient vital signs - Record patient smoking status - Provide a summary record for each transition of care

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