SNOMED CT Snapshot Description

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This dataset holds descriptions that describe SNOMED CT concepts. A description gives meaning to a concept and provide well-understood and standard ways of referring to a concept. This dataset describes the Release File structure of SNOMED CT, referred to as Release Format 2 (RF2) which is the official source of SNOMED CT for use in US healthcare systems. The US Edition is a standalone release that combines the content of both the US Extension and the International release of SNOMED CT.


SNOMED CT (SNOMED Clinical Terminology) provides a common language that assists with the electronic exchange of clinical health information. It enables a consistent way of indexing, storing, retrieving, and aggregating clinical data across specialties and sites of care. SNOMED CT Can be mapped to other coding systems, such as ICD-10, which helps facilitate semantic interoperability.

A Snapshot release contains the most recent version of every component released up to the time of the snapshot. The version of each component contained in a snapshot is the most recent version of that component at the release time. The ‘Snapshot’ release is useful for a simple installation but does not provide a history or retrospective view of the terminology. There are valid use cases for each Release Type. Each International release will incorporate all three of these Release Types, allowing users to choose the most appropriate format.

In addition to 623 new concepts specific for the US, the September 2018 SNOMED CT US Edition also contains all of the content from the July 2018 SNOMED CT International Edition. Approximately 543 requests for terminology additions and updates were submitted via the US Content Request System (US CRS) to support US clinical health information data exchange. This latest version of the US Edition also includes the SNOMED CT to ICD-10-CM reference set, with over 123,000 SNOMED CT source concepts mapped to ICD-10-CM targets.

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John Snow Labs; International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM);

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Clinical Terminology, SNOMED CT, IHTSDO, Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms, Healthcare Terminology, Electronic Health Records, Machine Readable Concept Model

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SNOMED CT United States Edition, SNOMED CT Latest Version, Machine Readable Concept Model of SNOMED CT

Description_IdUniquely identifies the description.integerlevel : Nominal required : 1
Effective_DateSpecifies the inclusive date at which the component version's state became the then current valid state of the componentdate-
Is_ActiveSpecifies whether the concept's state was active or inactive from the nominal release date specified by the Effective_Dateboolean-
Module_IdIdentifies the description version's module.integerlevel : Nominal
Concept_IdIdentifies the concept to which this description belongs. Note that versions of descriptions and concepts don't belong to each other. Which version of any given description is combined with which version of its owning concept depends on the point in time at which they are accessed.integerlevel : Nominal
Language_CodeSpecifies the language of the description text using the two character ISO -639-1 code. Note that this specifies a language level only, not a dialect or country code.string-
Type_IdIdentifies whether the description is an FSN, Synonym or other description type.integerlevel : Nominal
TermThe description version's text value.string-
Case_Significance_IdIdentifies the concept enumeration value that represents the case significance of this description version. For example, the term may be completely case sensitive, case insensitive or initial letter case insensitive.integerlevel : Nominal
Description IdEffective DateIs ActiveModule IdConcept IdLanguage CodeType IdTermCase Significance Id
1010132017-07-31True900000000000207008126813005en900000000000013009Neoplasm of anterior aspect of epiglottis900000000000448009
1020182017-07-31True900000000000207008126814004en900000000000013009Neoplasm of junctional region of epiglottis900000000000448009
1030112017-07-31True900000000000207008126815003en900000000000013009Neoplasm of lateral wall of oropharynx900000000000448009
1040172017-07-31True900000000000207008126816002en900000000000013009Neoplasm of posterior wall of oropharynx900000000000448009
1050162017-07-31True900000000000207008126817006en900000000000013009Neoplasm of esophagus900000000000448009
1060152017-07-31True900000000000207008126818001en900000000000013009Neoplasm of cervical esophagus900000000000448009
1070122017-07-31True900000000000207008126819009en900000000000013009Neoplasm of thoracic esophagus900000000000448009
1080192017-07-31True900000000000207008126820003en900000000000013009Neoplasm of abdominal esophagus900000000000448009
1100172017-07-31True900000000000207008126822006en900000000000013009Neoplasm of middle third of esophagus900000000000448009
1110182017-07-31True900000000000207008126823001en900000000000013009Neoplasm of lower third of esophagus900000000000448009