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SNOMED Clinical Terminology to ICD-10-CM Map Data Package

$1,253 $876 / YEAR

This data package consists of SNOMED CT to ICD-10-CM mapping files, the purpose of which is to support semi-automated generation of ICD-10-CM codes from clinical data encoded in SNOMED CT for reimbursement and statistical purposes.

- This is a “readable” version of the Map that can be understood by a non-technical individual. - All current pre-coordinated SNOMED CT concepts within three hierarchies (Clinical findings, Events, and Situations with Explicit Context) are mapped to ICD-10-CM. - Real-time use by the healthcare provider; Retrospective coding by coding professionals
1. SNOMED CT Snapshot Extended Map Reference Set to ICD-10-CM Map ($716)
2. SNOMED CT Snapshot Module Dependency Reference Set to ICD-10-CM Map ($179)
3. SNOMED CT Snapshot Refset Descriptor Reference Set to ICD-10-CM Map ($179)
4. SNOMED CT to ICD-10-CM Human Readable Cross Map ($179)