SNOMED CT Delta MRCM Attribute Range Reference Set

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An MRCM (Machine Readable Concept Model) Attribute Range Reference Set allows attributes to be associated with a valid value range for a given SNOMED CT content type and rule strength. The range of each attribute is defined using an Expression Constraint. This expression constraint represents the set of concepts, expressions, or concrete values that may be used as the value of the given attribute.


MRCM Attribute Range Reference Set also provides a summary of the concept model rule associated with each attribute (including all valid domains and the given range) using an Expression Constraint representation. This attribute rule can be completely auto-generated by combining information from MRCM Attribute Domain Reference Set and MRCM Attribute Range Reference Set.

SNOMED CT (SNOMED Clinical Terminology) provides a common language that assists with the electronic exchange of clinical health information. It enables a consistent way of indexing, storing, retrieving, and aggregating clinical data across specialties and sites of care. SNOMED CT Can be mapped to other coding systems, such as ICD-10, which helps facilitate semantic interoperability.

A Delta release contains only those component versions created, inactivated or changed since the previous release. The ‘Delta’ release is much smaller than a ‘Full’ release and is ideal for updating a ‘Full’ release of the previous version. Adding a ‘Delta’ release to the previous version’s ‘Full’ release will update the installation to a ‘Full’ release of the current Version.

In addition to 623 new concepts specific for the US, the September 2018 SNOMED CT US Edition also contains all of the content from the July 2018 SNOMED CT International Edition. Approximately 543 requests for terminology additions and updates were submitted via the US Content Request System (US CRS) to support US clinical health information data exchange. This latest version of the US Edition also includes the SNOMED CT to ICD-10-CM reference set, with over 123,000 SNOMED CT source concepts mapped to ICD-10-CM targets.

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John Snow Labs; International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM);

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Clinical Terminology, SNOMED CT, IHTSDO, Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms, Healthcare Terminology, Electronic Health Records, Machine Readable Concept Model

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SNOMED CT United States Edition, SNOMED CT Latest Version, Machine Readable Concept Model of SNOMED CT

Reference_Set_Member_IdA field, uniquely identifying this reference set member. Different versions of a reference set member share the same id but have different Effective_Date. This allows a reference set member to be modified or made inactive (i.e. removed from the active set) at a specified time.stringrequired : 1
Effective_DateThe inclusive date at which this version of the identified reference set member became the current version.daterequired : 1
Is_ActiveThe state of the identified reference set member as at the specified Effective_Date. If active= true, the reference set member is part of the current version of the set, if active= false, the reference set member is not part of the current version of the set.booleanrequired : 1
Module_IdIdentifies the SNOMED CT module that contains this reference set member as at the specified Effective_Date.integerlevel : Nominal required : 1
Refset_IdIdentifies the reference set to which this reference set member belongs.integerlevel : Nominal required : 1
Referenced_Component_IdA reference to the SNOMED CT component to be included in the reference set. A reference to the SNOMED CT attribute concept to which the range defined by this member applies.integerlevel : Nominal required : 1
Range_ConstraintAn expression constraint, which defines the set of concepts that may be used as the value of the given attribute (identified by Referenced_Component_Id). This string can be parsed using the ABNF (Augmented BackusNaur Form) syntax defined for the Expression Constraint Language.stringrequired : 1
Attribute_RuleAn Expression Constraint that captures the domain, range and cardinality constraints for the given attribute, rule strength and content type.stringrequired : 1
Rule_Strength_IdSpecifies whether the given rule is mandatory (resulting in an error) or optional (resulting in a warning).stringrequired : 1
Content_Type_IdIndicates the type of SNOMED CT content over which this rule applies.stringrequired : 1
Reference Set Member IdEffective DateIs ActiveModule IdRefset IdReferenced Component IdRange ConstraintAttribute RuleRule Strength IdContent Type Id
f58d75aa-599a-42e7-9f35-31a9c8a7d6d92020-01-31True900000000000012004723562003246501002<< 272394005 |Technique (qualifier value)| OR << 273249006 |Assessment scales (assessment scale)|<< 363787002 |Observable entity (observable entity)|: [0..*] { [0..1] 246501002 |Technique| = (<< 272394005 |Technique (qualifier value)| OR << 273249006 |Assessment scales (assessment scale)|) }723597001723596005