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SNOMED Clinical Terminology Delta Data Package

$3,043 $1,878 / YEAR

SNOMED CT contains three different release file types in every version: full, delta and snapshot release. This data package consists of Delta Release which contains only the additions and changes since the previous release.

- There are many benefits of using SNOMED CT in Electronic Health Records including: - Health information can be shared consistently within and across healthcare settings. - Data can be organized, queried, and analyzed for the benefit of the individual and institution. - The risk of different interpretations of the record between different healthcare settings can be reduced. - Updated twice a year to help users keep pace with the advances of healthcare terminology and add to the scope of coverage - In addition to adding value to Electronic Health Records, SNOMED CT supports the following Meaningful Use Objectives: - Maintain an up-to-date problem list of current and active diagnoses - Record patient family health history as structure data - Identify and report cancer cases to State cancer registries - Record and track changes in patient vital signs - Record patient smoking status; Provide a summary record for each transition of care
1. SNOMED CT Delta Association Reference Set ($179)
2. SNOMED CT Delta Attribute Value Reference Set ($179)
3. SNOMED CT Delta Concept ($179)
4. SNOMED CT Delta Description ($179)
5. SNOMED CT Delta Language Reference Set ($179)
6. SNOMED CT Delta MRCM Attribute Domain Reference Set ($179)
7. SNOMED CT Delta MRCM Attribute Range Reference Set ($179)
8. SNOMED CT Delta MRCM Domain Reference Set ($179)
9. SNOMED CT Delta Module Dependency Reference Set ($179)
10. SNOMED CT Delta OWL Expression Reference Set ($179)
11. SNOMED CT Delta Refset Descriptor Reference Set ($179)
12. SNOMED CT Delta Relationship ($179)
13. SNOMED CT Delta Simple Map Reference Set ($179)
14. SNOMED CT Delta Simple Reference Set ($179)
15. SNOMED CT Delta Stated Relationship ($179)
16. SNOMED CT Delta Text Definition ($179)
17. SNOMED Clinical Terminology to ICD-10-CM Delta Map ($179)