SNOMED CT Delta Text Definition

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This dataset describes the Release File structure of SNOMED CT, referred to as Release Format 2 (RF2). The US Edition of SNOMED CT is the official source of SNOMED CT for use in US healthcare systems. The US Edition is a standalone release that combines the content of both the US Extension and the International release of SNOMED CT.


SNOMED CT (SNOMED Clinical Terminology) provides a common language that assists with the electronic exchange of clinical health information. It enables a consistent way of indexing, storing, retrieving, and aggregating clinical data across specialties and sites of care. SNOMED CT Can be mapped to other coding systems, such as ICD-10, which helps facilitate semantic interoperability.

A Delta release contains only those component versions created, inactivated or changed since the previous release. The ‘Delta’ release is much smaller than a ‘Full’ release and is ideal for updating a ‘Full’ release of the previous version. Adding a ‘Delta’ release to the previous version’s ‘Full’ release will update the installation to a ‘Full’ release of the current Version.

In addition to 363 new concepts specific for the US, the March 2018 SNOMED CT US Edition also contains all of the content from the January 2018 SNOMED CT International Edition. Approximately 200 requests for terminology additions and updates were submitted via the US Content Request System (US CRS) to support US clinical health information data exchange.

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John Snow Labs => International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)

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Clinical Terminology, SNOMED CT, IHTSDO, Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms, Healthcare Terminology, Electronic Health Records, Machine Readable Concept Model

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SNOMED CT United States Edition, SNOMED CT Latest Version, Machine Readable Concept Model of SNOMED CT

Name Description Type Constraints
Reference_Set_Member_IdA field that provides the unique identifier of a component or reference set member.integerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Effective_DateSpecifies the inclusive date at which the component version's state became the then current valid state of the componentdaterequired : 1
Is_Activespecifies whether an identified component or is an active from the point in time specified by the Effective_Datebooleanrequired : 1
Module_IdA field in each component release file which represents the development module within which it was created and is maintained.integerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Concept_IdA field in the Description file that associates a term with the concept to which it applies.integerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Language_CodeSpecifies the language of the description text using the two character ISO -639-1 code. Note that this specifies a language level only, not a dialect or country code.stringrequired : 1
Type_IdA field in the Description and Relationship Release Files which contains a SNOMED CT identifier that represents the type of Description or Relationship represented.integerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
TermA text string that represents the concept referenced by the Concept_Id field in the Description file.stringrequired : 1
Case_Significance_IdA field in the Description Release File containing a SNOMED CT identifier that indicates whether the text of the term can be modified to by switching characters from upper to lower case (or vice-versa).integerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
35179600142018-01-31true900000000000207008191478006en900000000000550004Alcohol induced paranoia.900000000000017005
35373200122018-01-31true900000000000207008417712000en900000000000550004The limit of active motion.900000000000017005
35176250182018-01-31true900000000000207008736415005en900000000000550004Position of tongue in mouth.900000000000017005
28847940152018-01-31false90000000000020700816992002en900000000000550004A manipulation done by an osteopath900000000000017005
35378170102018-01-31true90000000000020700816992002en900000000000550004A manipulation done by an osteopath.900000000000017005
35180310172018-01-31true90000000000020700852734007en900000000000550004Total reconstruction of hip with prosthesis.900000000000017005
35180500172018-01-31true900000000000207008735531008en900000000000550004Malaria without parasitological confirmation.900000000000017005
36354170172018-01-31true900000000000207008421131006en900000000000550004A dose form that displays properties of a gas.900000000000017005
36354330192018-01-31true900000000000207008429885007en900000000000550004A solid dose form that is rectangular in shape.900000000000017005
36354190192018-01-31true900000000000207008421378002en900000000000550004A dose form that displays properties of a solid.900000000000017005