Surgery Mortality Rates in Scotland 2007-2012

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This dataset includes information about Information Services Division (ISD) of National Services Scotland provided information on the mortality rates of surgeries in Scotland from 2007 to 2012 in response to a freedom of information request.


This dataset provides data that are routinely provided to health professionals in Scotland, in confidence, to help them assess the outcomes of treatment of their patients. Used in this way, and with knowledge of the cases and the local care system, these data can be an important tool for improving the safety and quality of surgical care. Taken out of context and without this background information, these figures do not provide reliable information about surgeons’ performance.

In June 2013, the Information Services Division (ISD) of National Services Scotland provided information about the mortality rates of surgeries in Scotland for six years starting from 2007 to 2012. Planning and delivering effective and specialist national services which co-ordinate, strengthen and support activities aimed at protecting the people of Scotland from infectious diseases and environmental hazards. Since the reporting of surgeon-specific outcomes was introduced in 2013, case numbers and risk-adjusted 90-day mortality rates in patients undergoing an “elective” or “scheduled” major colorectal cancer resection have been reported for individual consultant colorectal surgeons. The increase in the percentage procedures performed as a day case is attributable to a combination of efforts by NHS boards to provide day surgery for relevant cases and improvements in the level of procedure recording for outpatient attendances.

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John Snow Labs; Information Services Division (ISD), NHS National Services Scotland;

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Mortality Rates in Scotland, Surgery Mortality, Surgical Care Information, Information Services Division, Consultant Colorectal Surgeons, National Services Scotland

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Statistics For Surgery Mortality In Scotland, National Services Scotland For Mortality Rates of Surgeries from 2007-2012, Information Services Division For Surgeon Mortality Rates in Scotland

YearIndicates the recording year of
NHS_Board_of_TreatmentRefers to the NHS board of treatment.string-
HospitalIndicates the different hospitals for surgeons' mortality in Scotland.string-
SpecialtyIndicates the name of the different surgical specialties.string-
Consultant_NameIndicates the full name of the consultant.string-
EpisodesRefers to the number of episodes.integerlevel : Ratio
DeathsIndicates the number of deaths.integerlevel : Ratio
Mortality_RateIndicates the surgeon's mortality rates. It is calculated by the number of deaths/number of episodes.numberlevel : Ratio
2007Albyn HospitalGynaecologyCOOPER K G1
2012Ross Hall HospitalUrologySTEWART L2
2007Murrayfield HospitalUrologySTEWART L3
2010Ross Hall HospitalUrologyMIR KHURRAM3
2008Woodlands HospitalUrologyMCNEILL ALAN1
2008Murrayfield HospitalUrologySTEWART L18
2009Murrayfield HospitalUrologySTEWART L27
2010Ross Hall HospitalUrologyAKHTAR Naeem7
2010Murrayfield HospitalUrologySTEWART L16
2011Murrayfield HospitalUrologySTEWART L11