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  • Location For Vehicles That Have Been Towed
  • Private Vehicle Towing Company


  • Location For Vehicles
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  • Illegally Parked Vehicles
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Towed Vehicles in Chicago Last 90 Days

This dataset displays location of vehicles that have been towed and impounded by the City of Chicago within the last 90 days.

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This dataset displays location of vehicles that have been towed and impounded by the City of Chicago within the last 90 days. Illegally parked vehicles, abandoned vehicles and vehicles used for illegal activities may be towed by the Chicago Police Department, the Department of Streets and Sanitation, the Department of Revenue, Aviation and the office of the City Clerk. After a tow request is issued, an inventory number is assigned by the Department of Streets and Sanitation and a truck is dispatched to tow the requested vehicle to a City auto pound. Disclaimer: This dataset includes vehicles towed or relocated by the City of Chicago; it does not include vehicles towed by a private towing company.

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John Snow Labs; Chicago Data Portal;

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Location For Vehicles, Abandoned Vehicles, Illegally Parked Vehicles, Relocated Vehicle, City of Chicago Tickets, City of Chicago Parking

Other Titles

Location For Vehicles That Have Been Towed, Private Vehicle Towing Company

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Tow_DateDate of Vehicle Toweddate-
Vehicle_Maker_CodeVehicle Makerstring-
Vehicle_TypeVehicle Stylestring-
Vehicle_ModelModel Of Vehiclestring-
Vehicle_ColorColor Of Vehiclestring-
Vehicle_PlatePlate Number Of Vehiclestring-
State_AbbreviationState Of Vehiclestring-
Towed_to_AddressAddress To Which Vehicle Is Towedstring-
Tow_Facility_PhonePhone Number Of Vehicle Tow Facilitystring-
Inventory_NumberComplete Inventory Number Of Vehicleintegerlevel : Nominal

Data Preview

Tow DateVehicle Maker CodeVehicle TypeVehicle ModelVehicle ColorVehicle PlateState AbbreviationTowed to AddressTow Facility PhoneInventory Number
2021-05-03CHEVLLBLU10300 S. Doty(773) 568-84952915721
2021-05-12TOYT4DSIL5DZ564MA10300 S. Doty(773) 785-97521721534
2021-04-05MITS2DBLUDHT1485TX701 N. Sacramento(773) 265-76057004933
2021-04-23CADI4DSILZ678663IL10300 S. Doty(773) 785-97521721438
2021-03-27HYUN4DSILBV99385IL10300 S. Doty(773) 568-84952913954
2021-04-03LEXSLLSIL882UUYMN10300 S. Doty(773) 568-84952914435
2021-05-12BUIC4DBRZAJ82228IL701 N. Sacramento(773) 265-18461541898
2021-05-10DODGVNGRYAG65870IL10300 S. Doty(773) 568-84952915902
2021-05-17LINC4DWHI701 N. Sacramento(773) 265-18461541927
2021-03-13DODGLLGRYCG34145IL10300 S. Doty(773) 568-84952913137