Tree Debris Requested by 311 Service

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This dataset shows the tree debris request reported by the 311 Service. It includes all open requests, all completed requests and duplicated requests since December 03, 2011.

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Large piles of branches or bushes may be picked up by the Department of Streets and Sanitation. 311 Service sometimes creates duplicate requests for tree debris removal. When there is an open tree debris request, a duplicate request is created when the exact same address and the exact same service request type are used. Streets and Sanitation responds to the initial request opened and closes the duplicates. A forestry “Clam” is the name of the vehicle the Forestry Bureau deploys to collect tree debris.

This service is used to request a pickup of a pile of branches or bushes. The branches/bushes must be neatly stacked in the alley or City Parkway near the curb. Blocking a street, the sidewalk of alleyway may result in a sanitation code ticket being issued. Certain questions are asked to complete this request: is the amount larger than a desk and where is the debris located?

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Tree Debris in Chicago, Trees in Public Areas

Creation_DateDate Service Request was receiveddate-
StatusStatus of the Service Request (Completed, Completed-Dup, Open, Open-Dup)string-
Completion_DateDate Service Request was receiveddate-
Service_Request_NumberA unique Service Request number for reportingstring-
Debris_LocationLocation of the requested treesstring-
Current_ActivityCurrent activity on the requeststring-
Most_Recent_ActionMost Current action on the requeststring-
Street_AddressAddress Street number of the treestring-
ZIP_CodeZip Code of buildingintegerlevel : Nominal
Ward_NumberWard number assigned with physical addressintegerlevel : Nominal
Police_DistrictPolice District number of physical addressintegerlevel : Nominal
Community_AreaIndicates the community area where the tree debris was requested. Chicago has 77 community areas.integerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeLatitude Locationnumber-
LongitudeLongitude Locationnumber-
2015-10-05Completed - Dup2015-10-0515-05268260Vacant Lot
2013-07-24Completed2013-07-2513-010168858700 S SACRAMENTO AVE
2016-12-20Completed2016-12-2016-083805625024 S LAKE SHORE DR NB
2012-10-03Completed2012-10-0412-017043354238 W WINNEMAC AVE60625
2013-07-23Completed2013-07-2413-01009218Alley445 W 87TH ST SOUTH
2012-02-23Completed2012-02-2412-00369691Alley155 N LACEY AVE60646
2012-06-10Completed2012-06-1112-01055381Alley9000 S LEAVITT ST60620
2013-09-18Completed2013-09-2313-01380679Alley4033 N KENNEDY EXPY IB
2012-07-29Completed2012-08-0212-01357499Parkway9200 S DAMEN AVE60620
2012-07-24Completed2012-08-0212-01320255Parkway9225 S OAKLEY AVE60620