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  • United States On Demand Air Taxi Safety Data 1975-2015
  • United States Air Taxi Fatality Rate by Flight Hours Data 1975-2015


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United States On-Demand Air Taxi Safety Data

This dataset gives information on the number of United States on demand air taxi safety data. It gives information on the accident rates, seriously injured incidences, fatality rates and accidents with fatality rates on flight hours.

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The mission of Aviation safety is to accomplish the following: 1) Investigate all civil domestic air carrier, commuter, and air taxi accidents; in-flight collisions; fatal and nonfatal general aviation accidents; and certain public-use aircraft accidents, 2) Participate in the investigation of major airline crashes in foreign countries that involve U.S. carriers or U.S.-manufactured or -designed equipment to fulfill U.S. obligations under International Civil Aviation Organization agreements, and 3) Conduct investigations of safety issues that extend beyond a single accident to examine specific aviation safety problems from a broader perspective.

The Office of Aviation Safety has the responsibility for investigating domestic aviation accidents and incidents (about 1,750 annually) and for proposing probable cause for the Board’s approval. In conjunction with other offices within the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the office also works to formulate recommendations to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents and incidents, and to otherwise improve aviation safety. The Office of Aviation Safety includes a number of regional offices spread throughout the United States to ensure that NTSB personnel are within closer proximity to potential accident sites.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) promotes the open exchange of safety information in order to continuously improve aviation safety. The FAA developed the Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) system. The ASIAS system enables users to perform integrated queries across multiple databases, search an extensive warehouse of safety data, and display pertinent elements in an array of useful formats.

Near Midair Collisions (NMAC) are reported voluntarily to the FAA so these numbers may not be representative. Reporters consist of pilots of air carriers, general aviation and other aircraft involved in public-use operations. Incidents involving military aircraft may be included if they also involved a civilian aircraft.

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John Snow Labs; U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics;

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Aviation Preflight, General Aviation, General Aviation News, Air Taxi Safety, Fatal Accidents, Air Accidents, Aviation Safety, Fatality Rates, Flight Hours

Other Titles

United States On Demand Air Taxi Safety Data 1975-2015, United States Air Taxi Fatality Rate by Flight Hours Data 1975-2015

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
YearThe corresponding year of the datadate-
Total_FatalitiesThe total number of fatalities from air carriers operating under 14 CFR 135, nonscheduled service; accidents on foreign soil and in foreign waters are excludedintegerlevel : Ratio
Total_Seriously_Injured_PersonsThe total number of seriously injured persons in accidentsintegerlevel : Ratio
Total_AccidentsThe total number of air carriers accidents happendedintegerlevel : Ratio
Total_Fatal_AccidentsThe total number of air carriers accidents with fatalityintegerlevel : Ratio
Flight_Hours_In_ThousandsThe total number of flight hours in thousands in the yearintegerlevel : Ratio
Fatalities_Rates_Per_100000_Flight_HoursThe fatality rates are computed by dividing the number of total fatalities by the number of flight hoursnumberlevel : Ratio
Seriously_Injured_Persons_Rates_Per_100000_Flight_HoursThe rates are computed by dividing the number of total seriously injured persons by the number of flight hoursnumberlevel : Ratio
Total_Accidents_Rates_Per_100000_Flight_HoursThe rates are computed by dividing the number of total accidents by the number of flight hoursnumberlevel : Ratio
Total_Accidents_Fatal_Rates_Per_100000_Flight_HoursThe rates are computed by dividing the number of and total accidents, fatal by the number of flight hoursnumberlevel : Ratio

Data Preview

YearTotal FatalitiesTotal Seriously Injured PersonsTotal AccidentsTotal Fatal AccidentsFlight Hours In ThousandsFatalities Rates Per 100000 Flight HoursSeriously Injured Persons Rates Per 100000 Flight HoursTotal Accidents Rates Per 100000 Flight HoursTotal Accidents Fatal Rates Per 100000 Flight Hours