US Hospital Medical Center Location

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This dataset provides a list of hospitals that include medical centers in the USA with detailed geolocation identifiers, such as latitude and longitude of each hospital. The information about the location of hospitals was obtained by geocoding of addresses and then was corrected using satellite images. It includes only hospital facilities and does not include nursing homes. The dataset represents the location of hospitals for 50 states and Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and US territories.


The Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data (HIF-LD) provides National foundation-level geospatial data within the open public domain that can be useful to support community preparedness, resiliency, research, and more. This dataset represents locations of Hospitals for 50 states and Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and US territories by geographic latitude and longitude. It includes also other specific information such as address, telephone number, type of care provided and the number of beds available. The dataset only includes hospital facilities and does not include nursing homes. Data for all the states was acquired from respective states departments or their open source websites and then geocoded and converted into a spatial database. After geocoding the exact spatial location of each point was moved to rooftops wherever possible and points which have been physically verified have been labelled “Geocode”, “Imagery”, “Imagery with other” and “Unverified” depending on the methodology used to move the points.

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2014 to 2016

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United States


John Snow Labs; Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data;

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US Hospital Locations, US Medical Center Locations, US Clinical Laboratory Locations, Medical Clinic Locations, Medical Clinic Contact Numbers, Hospital Contact Numbers

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US Hospital Medicine Clinic Location, US Hospital Medicine Center Location, US Hospital Medical Clinic Location, US Healthcare Hospital Location

FIDFederal identifier code of the hospitalintegerunique : 1 required : 1 level : Nominal
IDIdentifier number of the hospitalintegerunique : 1 level : Nominal
Hospital_NameOfficial name of the hospitalstringrequired : 1
AddressAddress of the hospitalstringrequired : 1
CityCity where the hospital is locatedstringrequired : 1
State_AbbreviationState where hospital is locatedstringrequired : 1
ZIP_CodeZIP postal code of the hospitalstring-
Contact_NumberTelephone number of the hospitalstringrequired : 1
Hospital_TypeType of hospitalstringrequired : 1
PopulationPopulation identifier number of the hospitalintegerlevel : Nominal
CountyCounty where the hospital is locatedstringrequired : 1
County_FipsFederal information processing Standard (FIPS) county codeintegerlevel : Nominal
CountryCountry where the hospital is locatedstringrequired : 1
LatitudeLatitude of the hospital locationnumberrequired : 1 level : Interval
LongitudeLongitude of the hospital locationnumberrequired : 1 level : Interval
Naics_CodeNorth American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code of the hospitalintegerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Naics_DescDescription for North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codestringrequired : 1
SourceWebsite from which the data were obtainedstringrequired : 1
WebsiteURL address of the hospitalstring-
State_IDState identifier number of the hospitalstring-
Alternative_Hospital_NameAlternative name of the hospitalstring-
State_FipsState federal information processing Standard (FIPS) identifier numberintegerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
OwnerOwner of the hospitalstring-
BedsNumber of beds in the hospitalintegerlevel : Ratio
TraumaTrauma assistance level of the hospitalstring-
HelipadAvailability of helicopter landing padstring-
Date_CreatedDate when the data where obtaineddaterequired : 1
6117700641Csf - UtuadoC/Isaac Gonzalez MartinezArenasPR641(787) 894-2875General Acute Care HospitalArecibo72013US18.259661-66.70652622210General Medical And Surgical Hospitals
63013800739First Hosp Panamericano - CidraPr-787 Km 1.5YaucoPR739(787) 739-5555General Acute Care HospitalCaguas72025US18.176018-66.135765622210General Medical And Surgical Hospitals
61491600681Hosp San Antonio IncCalle Post 18 NorteMayaguezPR681(787) 834-0050General Acute Care HospitalMayaguez72097US18.203242-67.141023622210General Medical And Surgical Hospitals
61672000785Clinica Santa RosaVeterans AvenueGuayamaPR785(787) 864-0101General Acute Care Hospital86Ponce72113US17.981751-66.104453622210General Medical And Surgical Hospitals
63154200984Hosp Upr CarolinaPr-3 Km 8.1 Ave 65 InfSabana AbajoPR984(787) 757-1800General Acute Care HospitalSan Juan72127US18.388472-65.971899622210General Medical And Surgical Hospitals
63074000791Hosp Dr Dominguez IncAve Font Martelo 300Humacao PuebloPR791(787) 852-0505General Acute Care HospitalCaguas72025US18.153753-65.830378622210General Medical And Surgical Hospitals
62372100785Aha Id 6Avenue Pedro AlbesusGuayama PuebloPR785(787) 864-4300General Acute Care Hospital115Ponce72113US17.973551-66.114454622210General Medical And Surgical Hospitals
62482500731Hosp Psiquiatria Forense De PoncePr-14 Km 4.2Machuelo ArribaPR731(787) 844-0101General Acute Care HospitalPonce72113US18.034394-66.594542622210General Medical And Surgical Hospitals
154321031503Satilla Park Hospital2500 Satilla ParkwayWaycrossGA31503Not AvailablePsychiatric Hospital53Ware13299US31.245226-82.392016622210General Medical And Surgical HospitalsGeorgia Department of Public Health21313532013-04-01
63274500939Hosp Del Maestro550 Sergio CuevasSan JuanPR939(787) 758-8383General Acute Care Hospital250San Juan72127US18.411822-66.068722622210General Medical And Surgical Hospitals