Vaccines Manufacturers MVX Codes

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The Vaccines Manufacturers MVX Codes database provides both active and inactive manufacturers of vaccines in the US.
The CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) developed and maintains HL7 Standard Code Set MVX – Manufacturers of Vaccines.


The dataset includes both active and inactive manufacturers of vaccines in the US. Inactive MVX codes allow transmission of historical immunization records. When MVX code is paired with a CVX (vaccine administered) code, the specific trade named vaccine may be indicated.

The Status column indicates if the manufacturer is currently making vaccine for distribution in the United States. The Last Updated column indicates the last time this particular manufacturer code was updated in this dataset.

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United States


John Snow Labs; National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases;

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US Vaccine, FDA Vaccine, Vaccine MVX, MVX Codes

Other Titles

US Vaccines Manufacturers Codes, Vaccines Manufacturers Codes

MVX_CodeManufacturers of Vaccines codesstring-
Manufacturer_NameManufacturer namestringrequired : 1
NotesNotes about manufacturer.string-
StatusCurrent status of the manufacturerstringenum : Array required : 1
Last_Updated_DateLast update datedaterequired : 1
Manufacturer_IdThe manufacturer Idintegerlevel : Nominal required : 1
MVX CodeManufacturer NameNotesStatusLast Updated DateManufacturer Id
ABAbbott Laboratoriesincludes Ross Products Division, SolvayInactive2017-11-161
ACAAcambis, Incacquired by sanofi in sept 2008Inactive2010-05-282
ADAdams Laboratories, Inc.Inactive2017-11-163
ALPAlpha Therapeutic CorporationInactive2017-11-164
ARArmourpart of CSLInactive2010-05-285
AVBAventis Behring L.L.C.part of CSLInactive2010-05-286
AVIAvironacquired by MedimmuneInactive2010-05-287
BABaxter Healthcare Corporation-inactiveInactive2010-05-288
BAHBaxter Healthcare Corporationincludes Hyland Immuno, Immuno International AG,and North American Vaccine, Inc./acquired some assets from alpha therapeuticsInactive2017-11-169
BAYBayer CorporationBayer Biologicals now owned by TalecrisInactive2010-05-2810