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Water Quality Complaints

This dataset contains running list of all water quality complaint by the Agency Department of Environmental Protection. The quality complaints about drinking water quality received from consumers should be investigated promptly by the private water supplier and the results of the investigation given quickly to the complainants.

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If something has gone wrong with the private water supply it could present a risk to consumers’ health or affect the appearance, taste or odor of the supply. Therefore complaints about drinking water quality received from consumers should be investigated promptly by the private water supplier and the results of the investigation given quickly to the complainants. If the cause of the complaint is a problem with the quality of the water supplied by the private supplier, then the private water supplier must take prompt action to remedy the problem. If the cause of the complaint is the condition of the domestic distribution system (the pipework and fittings) within the premises, the private water supplier must give the complainant advice on how to resolve the problem. Complaints may be received from consumers by telephone, in writing by letter, fax or e-mail or in person.

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United States


John Snow Labs; Data City of New York;

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Quality complaints, Water Quality, Water Complaints, Running List Of Water, Private Water Supplies, Drinking Water Quality Complaints, Water Quality Customer Complaints, 311 Service Requests, Quality Complaints, Water Complaints

Other Titles

List Of Water Quality Complaint, Drinking Water Quality

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Unique_KeyUnique identifier of a Service Request (SR) in the open data setintegerlevel : Nominal
Created_DateDate when Service Request (SR) was createddate-
Closed_DateDate when Service Request (SR) was closed by responding agencydate-
Complaint_DescriptionThis is associated to the Complaint Type, and provides further detail on the incident or condition. Descriptor values are dependent on the Complaint Type, and are not always required in SR.string-
ZIP_CodeIncident location zip code, provided by geo validation.integerlevel : Nominal
Incident_AddressHouse number of incident address provided by submitter.string-
Street_NameStreet name of incident address provided by the submitterstring-
Cross_StreetFirst and second Cross street based on the geo validated incident locationstring-
Intersection_StreetFirst and second intersecting street based on geo validated incident locationstring-
Complaint_Location_TypeType of incident location information available.string-
CityCity of the incident location provided by geovalidation.string-
Compalint_StatusStatus of SR submittedstring-
Resolution_Action_Updated_DateDate when responding agency last updated the SR.date-
Community_BoardCommunity Board Address Provided by geovalidation.string-
BoroughProvided by the submitter and confirmed by geovalidation.string-
Park_BoroughThe borough of incident if it is a Parks Dept facilitystring-
LatitudeGeo based Latitude of the incident locationnumber-
LongitudeGeo based Longitude of the incident locationnumber-

Data Preview

169294902010-06-23Taste/Odor - Musty/Stale13-69 GIBSON STGIBSON ST ADDRESSOpenUnspecified QUEENSQUEENSQUEENS
195798002011-01-112011-01-12Taste/Odor, Chlorine (QA1)308 4 ST4 ST ADDRESSClosed2011-01-12Unspecified QUEENSQUEENSQUEENS
193099812010-12-092010-12-15Cloudy Or Milky Water (QB1)97-12 63 ST63 ST ADDRESSClosed2010-12-15Unspecified QUEENSQUEENSQUEENS
161499122010-03-052010-04-06Taste/Odor, Bitter/Metallic (QA3)245 E 84 STE 84 ST ADDRESSClosed2010-04-06Unspecified BROOKLYNBROOKLYNBROOKLYN
219142242011-11-182011-12-21Taste/Odor, Chemical (QA2) NEW KIRK AVE NOSTRAND AVEINTERSECTIONClosed2011-12-21Unspecified BROOKLYNBROOKLYNBROOKLYN
331142822016-04-12Cloudy Or Milky Water (QB1)104716629 BROADWAYBROADWAYW 260 ST W 261 ST ADDRESSBRONXOpen08 BRONXBRONXBRONX40.90917758-73.89659592
215997542011-10-072011-10-08Defective Water Sampling Station (QSS) QUEENS BLVD JEWEL AVEINTERSECTIONClosed2011-10-08Unspecified QUEENSQUEENSQUEENS
306910412015-05-242015-05-26Other Water Problem (Use Comments) (QZZ)7 WARDS ISLANDWARDS ISLAND ADDRESSClosed2015-05-26Unspecified BRONXBRONXBRONX
339265202016-07-25Taste/Odor, Sewer (QA5)11363233-15 39 ROAD39 ROAD233 ST 234 ST ADDRESSLittle NeckOpen11 QUEENSQUEENSQUEENS40.76907062-73.75221051
335087182016-06-032016-06-29Taste/Odor, Sewer (QA5)104563462 3 AVENUE3 AVENUE ADDRESSBRONXClosed2016-06-2903 BRONXBRONXBRONX40.82986147-73.90637444