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Deeper Clinical Document Understanding Using Relation Extractiony

Recognizing entities is a fundamental step towards understanding a piece of text – but entities alone only tell half the story. The other half comes from explaining the relationships between entities. Spark NLP for Healthcare includes state-of-the-art (SOTA) deep learning models that address this issue by semantically relating entities in unstructured data.

John Snow Labs has developed multiple models utilizing BERT architectures with custom feature generation to achieve peer-reviewed SOTA accuracy on multiple benchmark datasets. This session will shed light on the background and motivation behind relation extraction, techniques, real-world use cases, and practical code implementation of this NLP clinical solution.

About the speaker

Hasham Ul Haq
Data Scientist

Hasham Ul Haq is a Data Scientist at John Snow Labs, and an AI scholar and researcher at PI School of AI. During his carrier, he has worked on numerous projects across various sectors, including healthcare. At John Snow Labs, his primary focus is to build scalable and pragmatic systems for NLP, that are both, production-ready, and give SOTA performance. In particular, he has been working on Natural Language Inference, disambiguation, Named Entity Recognition, and a lot more! Hasham also has an active research profile with a publications in NeurIPS, AAAI, and multiple scholarship grants and affiliations.

Prior to John Snow Labs, he was leading search engine and knowledge base development at one of Europe’s largest telecom providers. He has also been mentoring startups in computer vision by providing trainings and designing ML architectures