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AI Case Studies

AI Business Solutions
Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is one of the USA’s largest health plans, serving 12.3 million members via 39 hospitals and over 217,000 employees. This NLP case study shows how it leveraged John Snow Labs’ AI Platform (for model training, deployment, and monitoring) and Spark NLP (for extracting key features from EMR notes) to optimize hospital patient flow models. The solution enabled real-time decision-making and strategic planning, by predicting:

  • Bed demand
  • Safe staffing levels
  • Hospital gridlock

Kaiser Permanente uses Spark NLP to integrate domain-specific NLP as part of a scalable, performant, measurable, and reproducible ML pipeline and improve the accuracy of forecasting the demand for hospital beds.

Executive Director, Analytics Foundation at Kaiser Permanente
AI in Healthcare

Usermind built its data science platform from scratch and deployed into production with live customers in 3 months – by using John Snow Labs’ out-of-the-box AI Platform. The deployed capabilities included data integration, visualization, training machine learning models, and deploying models to production – all within a hardened, enterprise-grade environment.

John Snow Labs delivered a whole new revenue stream for Usermind within three months.

VP Product, Usermind
AI Platform As A Service
SHM Foundation

The Khuluma project was carried out to enhance positive mental health amongst HIV-positive adolescents in South Africa, with the aim of reducing and ultimately preventing the spread of HIV & AIDS. Khuluma is an integrated, cost-effective and scalable health platform, leveraging the power of mentoring to facilitate interactive closed groups of 10-15 participants. John Snow Labs delivered the data analysis and data science aspects of the project, whose results were presented at the AIDS 2016 Conference.

It was a pleasure to work with John Snow Labs and we were deeply impressed by their passion for the work we do and by their drive for extracting the best data from Khuluma.

SHM Foundation Director
Artificial Intelligence In Service

Spark NLP for Healthcare was used to provide accurate, scalable, and healthcare-specific pipelines for OCR, sentence segmentation, spell checking, biomedical named entity recognition, assertion status (negation) detection, and entity resolution (to ICD and NDC codes). John Snow Labs’ AI Platform was used to develop, deploy, and operate the custom models within the required privacy, security, compliance, and scalability environment.

SelectData provides clinical coding, audit, and revenue cycle management services to the home health and hospice industry. Automating parts of the coding workflow – from diagnosis & medication extraction to coder assignment – required deep understanding of a variety of noisy, long, scanned, free-text patient records and reports. It also requires domain expertise since the context, vocabulary, and meaning of text is healthcare- and specialty-specific

Spark NLP augments the SelectData Data Science Platform to extract fuzzy, implied, and complex facts from home health patient records.

Chief Information Officer at SelectData