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Big Data Guide for Social Ventures and Non-profits

Big Data holds the utmost importance in the present business world. Ranging from the personalized service development, development of new products, cost cutting and attracting new customer, everything is driven by data. As data has represented its importance for improvement of overall efficiency and profits, it becomes essential to spend resources for monetization, visualization and understanding data.

Currently, the big data concept is the biggest buzz in the market as it works like essential fuel for social development. The article below will provide you essential details about how to apply data thinking to social startups and nonprofits so that they can grow up with the latest trends.


Nonprofits often deal with small data:

The very first thing that you need to know is the term Big Data actually deals with huge dataset that is in terabytes on daily basis. Now note that not all the organizations are going to have this much data on routine basis. So, it is essential to learn the techniques to manage big as well as small data in the business world. The good news is that you need not to involve complex and costly tools for management of small data but in case of Big Data you may need to focus on Hadoop clusters.


What are the sources of data?

There are so many sources of data for non-profits like customer data, client data, volunteer data, donor data, social media and web data. The first step in the data management process is to stay aware about from where this data is generated and how it will be utilized for the overall growth of business bottom line.


Techniques for Data Management and Data Mining

You will be glad to know that the development of latest technologies has provided lots of potential solutions for data management and analysis needs. It can easily drive best results for business decisions. Below we have highlighted few essential ones out of this big list:


  • Salesforce CRM

This is definitely a great option for management of people interactions like from sales people, partners, customers, volunteers and donors. Salesforce CRM can easily track all transactions, activities and interactions from a single terminal. It basically manages data over excel sheets as this platform is quite easier to gain, share and store insights. The latest CRM donation program of Salesforce Foundation is proven to be highly beneficial for social start-ups and non-profits.


  • Google Analytics

You can access Google Analytics for free and it can monitor all activities on your website. It has potential to provide you complete details about who visited your website, what are the repetitive actions, and what diverted the specific traffic to your terminal. This deep analysis can assist business owners to be more strategic about their promotional activities over social media platform.


  • Email Analytics

No doubt, email analytics performs an essential role in marketing campaigns. With the advanced email management solutions like Vertical Response and MailChimp you can easily manage a huge number of emails within very less time.


  • Google Fusion Tables

Here is an impressive visualization tool developed by Google that can assist users to use data in form of creative stories and images to attract more number of visitors on specific terminals. These tables are proven to be highly valuable for journalists as well as for nonprofits.


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