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Hitachi Solutions America and John Snow Labs Announce Strategic Partnership

Revolutionary NLP technology and industry-focused solutions integration expertise team to help healthcare and life science organizations turn massive amounts of unstructured data into insights that improve patient experience

Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd., a leading provider of global industry solutions powered by Microsoft cloud services, and John Snow Labs, the AI and NLP for healthcare company, are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic solutions integration partnership. The agreement brings together John Snow Labs’ premier Spark NLP (natural language processing library and tools), with Hitachi Solutions America’s proven data science solution advisory and delivery services, to unlock the power of unstructured data for healthcare payers and providers.

Many healthcare companies are sitting on massive amounts of unstructured text data that is scattered, siloed, and inconsistent. This includes years of patient records, medical forms, clinical trial results, medical imaging reports, equipment service reports, and more. These documents contain a goldmine of information that ― with natural language processing (NLP) technology ― can be extracted and used to enhance patient care, improve clinical outcomes, accelerate clinical trials, and optimize operations.

As John Snow Labs’ go-to NLP solutions integrator, Hitachi Solutions America brings deep healthcare knowledge and data science experience to every project, tailoring accessible and effective NLP solutions based on specific industry needs. Leveraging mutual partner Databricks’ collaborative platform, Microsoft tools, medical named entity recognition, text classification, entity linking, relation extraction, and visual document understanding, Hitachi Solutions America is able to provide clients with robust data analysis and visualization of both structured and unstructured data.

“All of our healthcare clients recognize the hidden potential that exists within textual data and unstructured documents within their organization, if only it was possible to efficiently and accurately extract insights while protecting privacy,” said Jerry Hawk, chief technology officer, Hitachi Solutions America. “We’re excited to introduce them to John Snow Labs’ leading-edge NLP technology, guide and support their data mining initiatives in a protected manner, and efficiently unlock patient care insights from data they have been eager to explore.”

Spark NLP for Healthcare is a revolutionary solution that is foundational to healthcare information technology today. It helps healthcare and life science companies gain visibility into all facets of patient-facing operations by leveraging AI and machine learning to ingest, analyze, and extract meaning from syntax and semantics in free-text data. Peer-reviewed academic papers validate the library as the most accurate and scalable clinical and biomedical NLP solution on the market today ― including establishing new state-of-the-art accuracy on popular benchmarks.

“We are partnering with top solution integration partners like Hitachi Solutions to help bring healthcare organizations to the forefront of AI and NLP,” said David Talby, chief technology officer, John Snow Labs. “Our Spark NLP for Healthcare and Spark OCR libraries, powered by Hitachi Solutions solution integration expertise, take deep learning techniques and data mining to the next level ― providing opportunities to improve clinical outcomes, optimize treatments and care plans, and generate new medical knowledge.”

There are no limits to how NLP can support the healthcare industry (read about NLP projects in healthcare in our article). Popular use cases include:

  • Improved clinical insights ― NLP can automate clinical data abstraction, which is the basis for real-world data analytics, patient registries, and quality measures. This enables health systems and pharma companies to improve faster, without additional burden to physicians.
  • Accelerated clinical trial matching ― With NLP, providers can automatically review massive quantities of data to identify clinical trial candidates. This supports innovation and gives patients access to potentially life-saving experimental care.
  • Improved clinical decisions ― NLP makes it faster and easier for physicians to highlight relevant information, reduce information overload, and match clinical guidelines, enabling more informed decisions at the point of care.

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