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John Snow Labs Announces the Lineup of Keynote Speakers for the Second Annual Healthcare NLP Summit

The Free, Virtual Conference Brings Together Leaders in Technology and Healthcare to Share Knowledge, Best Practices, and Advances in Natural Language Processing

John Snow Labs, the Healthcare AI and NLP company and developer of the Spark NLP library, today announced the lineup of keynote speakers for its Healthcare NLP Summit, taking place virtually April 5-6. The free community event will explore NLP best practices, case studies, and technological advances in the field, focused on applications in healthcare and life sciences.  

The summit’s program covers natural language understanding, Responsible AI, large language models, no-code tools and more, as applied to a variety of use cases from precision medicine to mental health. Presented by leading experts in the AI and healthcare space, this year’s keynote speakers include: 

  • David Talby, Veysel Kocaman, and Dia Trambitas, John Snow Labs
  • Kira Radinsky, Diagnostic Robotics
  • Yoav Shoham, AI21 Labs 
  • Curtis Northcutt, CleanLab
  • Paco Nathan, Derwen AI
  • Elif Ozkirimli, Roche
  • Hoifung Poon, Microsoft
  • Xingyi Song, University of Sheffield

John Snow Labs and Gradient Flow will publish the results of the new AI in Healthcare survey in conjunction with the event. The findings will be presented in a keynote session titled ”Industry Survey Analysis: AI in Healthcare 2022.” Last year’s results indicated that NLP, along with data integration and business intelligence, were becoming foundational AI technologies among healthcare users. The data also showed that more than 50% of respondents signaled clinicians among their target users, suggesting wider use of AI technology beyond technologists. The forthcoming report will benchmark how clinical applications of AI have evolved over the past year. 

“Healthcare has been a major area of growth for AI, as the urgency for automation grows and organizations learn how to apply the technology in a safe, private, and ethical manner,” said David Talby, CTO, John Snow Labs. “Between advances in the technology itself and the proliferation of low- and no-code solutions, the barriers to entry for AI have been significantly lowered. As such, the need for sharing knowledge and establishing best practices is now, and that is what the Healthcare NLP Summit will help achieve.”

To register for the free Healthcare NLP Summit, visit:

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