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John Snow Labs Catalog Reinforces its US and UK Datasets


datasets release John Snow Labs 

In this release, 32 additional datasets are freshly curated and normalized to further extend and strengthen your research and analytics capabilities as John Snow Lab’s efforts zeroes in on quality and efficiency of data as we expand our catalog of datasets for healthcare.

You, our clientele from the European Region and The United States can benefit from the additional datasets we have primarily curated on Population Health. Since population health statistics help establish health outcomes, determinants of health, population health among others, these datasets will help bridge the gap for decision makers to make insightful programs on population health management that will greatly benefit the healthcare industry and the individual recipients as well.

Currently, population health is one of the drivers of the prevailing health trends in terms of government and private organization’s policies. So in this 1st March Release, 14 datasets were added to our John Snow Labs Population Health catalog; 10 are from EU and 4 are from the US.

5 of these datasets are from the UK Life Expectancy Data on global burden of disease by cause and by risk factors, UK deaths and age-standardized rates, years of life lost, years lived with disability, all of them presented by causes. 2 datasets talk about NHS hospital admission episodes that are related to drug misuse and another on UK women’s smoking status at the time of their delivery. Then 3 other datasets are about UK mortality data from individuals who are under 75 years old whose deaths are from various diseases, OECD demographic indicators and one dataset that covers world statistics on development assistance for health databases that cover data from 1990 to 2016 complete this catalog.

4 more datasets from Population Health include 1 from the US Bureau of Labor statistics on occupational health and safety that shares data on US injuries and illnesses by industry, 1 on nonmarital childbearing data, and 2 more on US Life expectancy data, which talks about the global burden of disease by cause and risk factors.

In this release, there are also 7 datasets added to Medical Cost, 5 of which show data on Physician Fee Schedule Relative Value Unit with all 2018 statistics namely on locality country crosswalk, Medicare Economic Index MEI anesthesia conversion factors, Geographic Practice Cost Index GPCI, Outpatient Prospective Payment System OPPSCAP, and Physician Fee Schedule Relative Value Units. 2 more datasets come from Hospital Treatment Events Costs on Health Resource Group HRG by provider, by specialty, HRG Code, and Location.

Datasets that showcase data on Census has 4 new datasets as well; 1 is on UK mid-2016 population estimates by age, 1 on crime data in Baltimore, the US from 2012 to 2018, and 2 more on US Socioeconomic Indicators with data on unemployment rates by metropolitan area and by the unemployment rate changes over the years.

Statistics on Hospitals were also added; 3 datasets on Hospital Compare General Information were expanded, which discusses the nurse prescribers and private controlled drug prescribers in England, plus the abeyance and dispersal general practitioner codes. Clinical Measures has 2 new datasets, 1 on Quality Performance Measures, which has information on the London Borough of Barnet performance reporting for the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 and another one on water quality consumer complaints in The United States.

Lastly, 2 new datasets were affixed to our John Snow Labs catalog on Drug Pricing and Food data. Drug pricing has 1 data on prescription Items for the treatment of smoking dependence, and for Food, 1 dataset is available about restaurant inspection score, which has data on food hygiene rating data in Oxford City Council.

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