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John Snow Labs Doubles Life Sciences Coverage by Releasing 271 Curated Datasets

John Snow Labs Doubles Life Sciences Coverage by Releasing 271 Curated Datasets on Devices, Drug Pricing, Drug Safety, Drugs, Food and Genomics


After 2 years in operation, John Snow Labs is excited to announce its expansion into the Life Sciences arena; and is now ready to present 68 updated Accelerators and 271 fresh Datasets from this new repository. It initially showcases data from the branches of Science in the fields of medical devices, drugs, food and genomics, which is expected to swell and extend to other domains by the end of 2017.

This new development in John Snow Labs further forges its vision and commitment in contributing to the health of everyone around the world by “ACCELERATING THE USE OF DATA TO IMPROVE HUMAN WELL-BEING”.

From a team of healthcare professionals who are experts in their fields, they carefully crafted the datasets from its research phase to its various levels of quality – manual and auto validations. The datasets then can reach the table of primary end users from physicians to patients. It also spreads across the writing desks of critical stakeholders from internal managers, regulators, data scientists and scientific experts, financiers and financial analysts, legal experts, advocacy groups and even government agencies.

In a larger scale, this upgrade from John Snow Labs impacts the Life Sciences industry in specific ways, which is in sync with the top biotech and pharma industries across the globe:

  • Minimized mistakes and reduced cost of research

“Business must make a sound profit. We must experiment with new ideas. Research must be carried on, innovative programs developed and mistakes paid for.” Johnson & Johnson, US

  • Shortened time spent in gathering data

“We work to bring new and better medicines to patients in the shortest possible time.” Novartis, EU

  • Improved lives

“Pfizer is committed to helping facilitate industry engagement and aligning our corporate objectives to accelerate impact for healthy individuals and patients across the globe. At Pfizer, our purpose – to bring innovative therapies to patients that significantly improve their lives.” Pfizer, US

  • Personalized Healthcare therapies

“Personalized Healthcare (PHC) is about providing the right treatment for the right group of patients. Did you know that previously, only five out of ten patients, on average, actually benefited from their treatment? Today, up to 80% of patients respond to their targeted therapies.” Roche, EU

  • Supported research efforts

“We are determined to transform breakthrough science into novel therapeutic and vaccine options. Curiosity, inventiveness and a passion for excellence are what drive our people to discover what’s possible.” Merck & Co., US

John Snow Lab’s direction has most of the biotech and pharma needs covered; not to mention the opportunities to leverage the backroom health studies from universities and non-government research communities and advocacies. The government can also find aid in creating cost-efficient, financially sustainable and health effective programs for the people.


Threat to Human Health

One of the most urgent needs right now is best stated in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) statement on antimicrobial resistance:

“WHO today published its first ever list of antibiotic-resistant ‘priority pathogens’ – a catalogue of 12 families of bacteria that pose the greatest threat to human health.

The list was drawn up in a bid to guide and promote research and development (R&D) of new antibiotics, as part of WHO’s efforts to address growing global resistance to antimicrobial medicines.

The list highlights in particular the threat of gram-negative bacteria that are resistant to multiple antibiotics. These bacteria have built-in abilities to find new ways to resist treatment and can pass along genetic material that allows other bacteria to become drug-resistant as well.” 27 February 2017 WHO, Geneva

John Snow Lab is strategically positioned in helping find solutions for this threat, as data is made readily available, research scientist’s work can now be shortened. They can now better focus on finding answers and alternatives, which was previously spent in gathering facts. Time and treatment options are running out and the traditional method of market forces alone will no longer work.

Having all the different sectors working together will assure the general public of better outcomes, wiser decisions, decreased negative consequences, lessened adverse health effects and reduced financial losses.

John Snow Labs actively bridges the gap between Science and technology

“Collaboration becomes the key theme in 2017—collaboration within the health care ecosystem, with patients, or internally. Many of the pressures that life sciences companies are under—whether they cost or regulatory or operational—in somewhere, shape, or form, can be de-risked by creating a platform for information and idea exchange.” Greg Reh, US/Global Life Sciences Sector Leader


Highlights – Here’s a Snapshot of the Categories contained in the Life Sciences:

  • Devices: 8 Accelerators and 40 Datasets that include device listings, examinations, classification and recalls, applications and approvals, experiences, adverse events and X-ray assembler data.

Keywords: medical devices, medical instruments, medical machines, medical implants, medical apparatus, medical contrivance, diagnostic devices, device listing, FDA devices, MAUDE


Diagnostic Devices and Examinations

Establishment Registration and Medical Device Listing

FDA Medical Devices Classification and Recalls

Humanitarian Device Exemptions

Manufacturer And User Facility Device Experience

Medical Device Adverse Events for Total Hip Replacements

Medical Devices Applications and Approvals

X-Ray Assembler Data

  • Drug Pricing: 10 Accelerators and 24 Datasets that include drug utilizations, rebates, FDA prescriptions, Federal Upper Limits (FUL), Medicare Public Use Files (PUF) and drug plans, Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Crosswalks (HCPCS), National Drug Codes (NDC), National Average Drug Acquisition Cost (NADAC), drug distributors and pharmacy locations.

Keywords: drug pricing, drug prices, prescription cost, FUL, NDC, HCPCS, NADAC, pharmacy distributors, pharmacy locations


CMS Drug Manufacturer Rebate

CMS Drug Utilization

Drug Distributors

FDA Prescription Drugs

Federal Upper Limit of Drug Pricing

Medicare Drugs Public Data

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

NDC to Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Crosswalks

National Average Drug Acquisition Cost Files

Pharmacy Locations

  • Drug Safety: 23 Accelerators and 85 Datasets that include drug approvals, discontinuations, schedules, dissolutions, inspections, inactive ingredients, clinical investigations; drug and product adverse reactions, drug and product labels; antimicrobial use and resistance, NARMS isolate level data, Biotech and Pharma databases, FAERS from 2014 to 2016; FDA drug master files, FDA vaccines database, FDA unique ingredient and pill identifiers; NDC Drug labels database, NQF medication measures, drug products from Orange book and biological products from Purple book.

Keywords: drug safety, FDA policies, FDA investigations, FDA clinical investigations, drug adverse reactions, antibiotic use, antibiotic resistance, drug master files, drug ingredients, pill identifiers, drug labels, orange book, purple book


Adverse Drug And Product Reaction

Antimicrobial Use and Resistance Eligible Agents

Biotech Pharma and Research Information Database

Drug Approvals and Clinical Investigator Databases

Drug Discontinuation

Drug Dissolution Methods

Drugs Inactive Ingredients

FDA Drug Adverse Events Reporting System FAERS 2014

FDA Drug Adverse Events Reporting System FAERS 2015

FDA Drug Adverse Events Reporting System FAERS 2016

FDA Drug Inspections Database

FDA Drug Master Files

FDA Drug Product Labels Validation Method

FDA Drug Schedules

FDA Drug Unique Ingredient Identifier

FDA Drugs Database

FDA Drugs Pill Identifier Database

FDA Vaccines Database

National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System Isolate Level Data

National Drug Code and Drug Labels Database

National Quality Forum Medication Measures for Ambulatory Care

Orange Book Approved Drug Products

Purple Book Licenced Biological Products

  • Drugs: 2 Accelerators and 8 Datasets that include Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical information database and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Medicare costs and Crosswalks

Keywords: drugs, biotech companies, pharma companies, pharmaceuticals, HCPCS, Medicare costs


Biotech Pharma and Research Information Database

HCPCS Crosswalk for Medicare Cost Drug and Average Sales Price Part B

  • Food: 17 Accelerators and 70 Datasets that include food affordability, nutrition value, mobile food; alcoholic beverages control, healthy eating index, total diet study; statistics on genetically engineered crops, NY open data reports, restaurant inspection scores, farmers market; nutrition assistance program participation and costs; USDA food plans, agricultural projections, apps for healthy kids competition, productivity growth in farm sectors, USDA wheat yearbook and USDA yield and retention data.

Keywords: food value, healthy eating index, nutrition value, total diet study, restaurant inspections, nutrition assistance program, USDA food plans, healthy kids apps, wheat yearbook, USDA yield and retention


Alcoholic Beverage Control

Farmers Market

Food Affordability

Food Nutrition Value

Healthy Eating Index

Mobile Food

NASS Statistics on Genetically Engineered Crops in United States

New York City Open Data Reports

Restaurant Inspection Scores

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Participation and Cost Data

Total Diet Study

USDA Food Plans

USDA Long Term Agricultural Projection

USDA Nutrition Dataset for the Apps for Healthy Kids Competition

USDA Report on Productivity Growth in Farm Sectors

USDA Wheat Yearbook

USDA Yield and Retention

  • Genomics: 8 Accelerators and 44 Datasets include comparative toxicogenomics database, drug targets and lists, gene products and targets, genes clinical correlations, genetic associations, genetic associations in aging, human gene expression database and immortalized cell lines catalog.

Keywords: toxicogenomics, drug targets, drug lists, gene products and targets, clinical correlations, genetic associations, genomics in aging, human gene expressions, immortalized cell lines


Comparative Toxicogenomics Database

Drug Targets and Drug Lists

Gene Products and Targets

Genes Clinical Correlation

Genetic Associations in Aging

Genetic Associations

Human Gene Expression Database

Immortalized Cell Lines Catalog

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