Advantage After School Program Services

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This dataset includes the data elements that will help the public learn about the agencies currently contracting with New York State to provide Advantage After School Program services.

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Advantage After School Programs (AASP) provides quality youth development opportunities to school-age children and youth for three hours directly after school. Research shows that children who participate in quality after school programs have higher school attendance and academic achievement, are less likely to be involved in risky behaviors during the afterschool hours. AASPs are supported by school, community, public and private partnerships. AASPs offer a broad range of educational, recreational and culturally age-appropriate activities that integrate what happens in the school day. AASPs also provide working parents with a safe place for their children. Youth and family involvement in program planning and implementation is a key component. Programs operate five-days-a-week during the regular school year and may elect to operate during school breaks. Programs may also extend hours into the evening hours, particularly when serving older adolescents.

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Education Development in New York, Development Opportunities to School

Contract_Start_DateThe start date of the contractdate-
Contract_End_DateThe end date of the contractdate-
Round_NumberIdentifies which procurement the contracts resulted fromintegerlevel : Nominal
Contract_NumberUnique ID for an Advantage After School Contract, * indicates this contract has more than one AASP locationstring-
Contract_AmountDollar amount of Contractnumber-
Is_Elementary_School_Serves_ChildrenIdentifies whether contractor serves Elementary school children (True=”Yes”)boolean-
Is_Middle_School_Serves_ChildrenIdentifies whether contractor serves Middle school children (True=”Yes”)boolean-
Is_High_School_Serves_ChildrenIdentifies whether contractor serves High school children (True=”Yes”)boolean-
MADA_for_SiteIdentifies the Maximum average daily attendance program is contracted to serveintegerlevel : Ratio
AgencyName of Advantage After School Contractor (DBA or Legal Entity Name)string-
Site_NameName of the location of the actual site of the Advantage After School Programstring-
Street_AddressStreet address of the location of the Advantage After School Program sitestring-
CityCity Namestring-
ZIP_CodeZip Code (5 digits) or Zip Plus 4 (9 digits)integerlevel : Nominal
2012-11-152019-06-308C026719true120CAMBA, IncPS 3613109 Newkirk AvenueBrooklyn11226
2012-11-152019-06-308C026723132454true125Ark After SchoolARK ASP55 Turnpike RoadTroy12182
2019-08-319true60Girls for Gender Equity, Inc.New Visions Campus3000 Avenue XBrooklyn11234
2016-09-012019-08-319C027846110000true80Bronx House, Inc.PS 105725 Brady AvenueBronx10462
2014-10-012019-08-319C027317137500true100Project MostSprings School48 School StreetEast Hampton11937
2014-09-012019-08-319C027276165000true120Young Athletes, Inc.JHS 162600 Saint Ann's AvenueBronx10455
2014-10-012019-08-319C027288true80CAMBA, INCPS 3 The Bedford Village50 Jefferson AvenueBrooklyn11216
2014-09-012019-08-319C027329*199530true80Children's Aid SocietyC.S.611550 Crotona Park EastBronx10460
2014-10-012019-08-319C027337110000true80Bronx House, INCBronx House990 Pelham Parkway SouthBronx10461
2014-10-012019-08-319C02730556733true150Child Center of NY, Inc.JHS 185147-26 25th DriveFlushing11354
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