Ancestry by Zip Code Tabulation Area 2010-2014

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This dataset identifies ancestry by zip code tabulation areas within the United States. “Ancestry refers to a person’s ethnic origin or descent, “roots,” or heritage, or the place of birth of the person or the person’s parents or ancestors before their arrival in the United States.” This dataset resulted from the American Community Survey (ACS) conducted from 2009 through 2013.


The ACS 5-year estimates data is an official survey of the US Census Bureau Decennial Census Program and supplements the 10-year census data. It is a nationwide survey designed to provide reliable and timely demographic, social, economic, and housing data over the specified time period.

The ACS produces the information by contacting over 3.5 million households across the country to participate in the survey. By focusing on quality geographic coverage, the ACS produces a good picture of the community’s people and housing by surveying a representative sample of the population. The ACS produces period estimates which describe the average characteristics of an area over the specified time period.

The ACS provides vital information on a 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year basis. The 5-year estimates reflect a 60-month period and are designed to provide the most up-to-date, accurate, reliable, and the largest sample size available. The primary advantage of using multi-year estimates is the increased statistical reliability of the data for less populated and small population subgroups.

Multiyear estimates are used when the precision of the estimates is more important than the currency of the data; when analyzing data for smaller geographies; when examining change over non-overlapping time periods; and, for smoothing data trends over time. Local area variations may occur due to rapidly occurring changes and multiyear estimates are sensitive to such changes. Multiyear estimates cannot be used to say what is going on in any particular year in the period, only what the average value is over the full period. ACS estimates are published with the margins of error at the 90 percent confidence level.

The ACS estimates represent concepts that are fundamentally different from those associated with sample data from the decennial census. It is designed to provide estimates that describe the average characteristics of an area over a period-of-time as opposed to point-in-time estimates such as the decennial census, which approximate the characteristics of an area on a specific date.

The ACS is a source of statistics at the local level giving even the smallest communities accurate and timely information that is essential for decision-making. The ACS estimates better reflect the growth of the population as well as the changing socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of the American people.

This dataset also identifies ethnic identities, including “German” or “Jamaican,” that can be traced to geographic areas outside the United States as well as other ethnicities such as “Pennsylvania Dutch” or “Cajun” that evolved in the United States. The dataset includes estimates of the population by people’s ancestry, total estimates and margin of error of these categories.

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2009-01-01 to 2013-12-31

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United States


John Snow Labs; United States Census Bureau;

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Other Titles

Ancestry by USA Zip Code Map, Ancestry by USA Postal Code Map, Ethnic Origin by USA Zip Code Map

Geographic_IDUnique 14-digit codes used to represent specific geographic areas. The code identifies the summary level of data, the geographic component of the data and Federal Information Processing Series (FIPS) codes. Maintained by the US Census Bureau and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).stringunique : 1 required : 1
FIPS_CodeUnique 5-digit Federal Information Processing Series (FIPS) codes used to identify geographic features. Maintained by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).stringunique : 1 required : 1
Geographic_Display_LabelGeographic name for each area presented. ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) are generalized areal representations of United States Postal Service (USPS) ZIP Code service areas.stringunique : 1 required : 1
Latitude2010 Census current latitude of the internal point of ZIP Code Tabulation Area in decimal degrees (WGS 84)numberrequired : 1
Longitude2010 Census current longitude of the internal point of ZIP Code Tabulation Area in decimal degrees (WGS 84)numberrequired : 1
Land_Area2010 Census land area of ZIP Code Tabulation Area in square metersintegerlevel : Ratio
Water_Area2010 Census water area of ZIP Code Tabulation Area in square metersintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_TotalEstimate Totalintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_TotalMargin of Error Totalintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_AfghanEstimate Total of Afghanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_AfghanMargin of Error for Total Afghanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_AlbanianEstimate Total of Albanianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_AlbanianMargin of Error for Total Albanianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_AlsatianEstimate Total of Alsatianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_AlsatianMargin of Error for Total Alsatianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_AmericanEstimate Total of Americanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_AmericanMargin of Error for Total Americanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_ArabEstimate Total of Arabintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_ArabMargin of Error for Total Arabintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_EgyptianEstimate Total of Egyptianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_EgyptianMargin of Error for Total Egyptianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_IraqiEstimate Total of Iraqiintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_IraqiMargin of Error for Total Iraqiintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_JordanianEstimate Total of Jordanianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_JordanianMargin of Error for Total Jordanianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_LebaneseEstimate Total of Lebaneseintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_LebaneseMargin of Error for Total Lebaneseintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_MoroccanEstimate Total of Moroccanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_MoroccanMargin of Error for Total Moroccanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_PalestinianEstimate Total of Palestinianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_PalestinianMargin of Error for Total Palestinianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_SyrianEstimate Total of Syrianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_SyrianMargin of Error for Total Syrianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_ArabsEstimate Total of Arabintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_ArabsMargin of Error for Total Arabintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Other_ArabEstimate Total of Other Arabintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Other_ArabMargin of Error for Total Other Arabintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_ArmenianEstimate Total of Armenianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_ArmenianMargin of Error for Total Armenianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Assyrian_Chaldean_SyriacEstimate Total of Assyrian, Chaldean, and Syriacintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Assyrian_Chaldean_SyriacMargin of Error for Total Assyrian, Chaldean, and Syriacintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_AustralianEstimate Total of Australianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_AustralianMargin of Error for Total Australianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_AustrianEstimate Total of Austrianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_AustrianMargin of Error for Total Austrianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_BasqueEstimate Total of Basqueintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_BasqueMargin of Error for Total Basqueintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_BelgianEstimate Total of Belgianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_BelgianMargin of Error for Total Belgianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_BrazilianEstimate Total of Brazilianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_BrazilianMargin of Error for Total Brazilianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_BritishEstimate Total of Britishintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_BritishMargin of Error for Total Britishintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_BulgarianEstimate Total of Bulgarianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_BulgarianMargin of Error for Total Bulgarianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_CajunEstimate Total of Cajunintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_CajunMargin of Error for Total Cajunintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_CanadianEstimate Total of Canadianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_CanadianMargin of Error for Total Canadianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Carpatho_RusynEstimate Total of Carpatho Rusynintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Carpatho_RusynMargin of Error for Total Carpatho Rusynintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_CelticEstimate Total of Celticintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_CelticMargin of Error for Total Celticintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_CroatianEstimate Total of Croatianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_CroatianMargin of Error for Total Croatianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_CypriotEstimate Total of Cypriotintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_CypriotMargin of Error for Total Cypriotintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_CzechEstimate Total of Czechintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_CzechMargin of Error for Total Czechintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_CzechoslovakianEstimate Total of Czechoslovakianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_CzechoslovakianMargin of Error for Total Czechoslovakianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_DanishEstimate Total of Danishintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_DanishMargin of Error for Total: Danishintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_DutchEstimate Total of Dutchintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_DutchMargin of Error for Total Dutchintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Eastern_EuropeanEstimate Total of Eastern Europeanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Eastern_EuropeanMargin of Error for Total Eastern Europeanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_EnglishEstimate Total of Englishintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_EnglishMargin of Error for Total Englishintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_EstonianEstimate Total of Estonianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_EstonianMargin of Error for Total Estonianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_EuropeanEstimate Total of Europeanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_EuropeanMargin of Error for Total Europeanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_FinnishEstimate Total of Finnishintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_FinnishMargin of Error for Total Finnishintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_FrenchEstimate Total of French, except Basqueintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_FrenchMargin of Error for Total French, except Basqueintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_French_CanadianEstimate Total of French Canadianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_French_CanadianMargin of Error for Total French Canadianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_GermanEstimate Total of Germanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_GermanMargin of Error for Total Germanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_German_RussianEstimate Total of German Russianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_German_RussianMargin of Error for Total German Russianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_GreekEstimate of Total Greekintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_GreekMargin of Error for Total Greekintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_GuyaneseEstimate of Total Guyaneseintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_GuyaneseMargin of Error for Total Guyaneseintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_HungarianEstimate Total of Hungarianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_HungarianMargin of Error for Total Hungarianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_IcelanderEstimate Total of Icelanderintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_IcelanderMargin of Error for Total Icelanderintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_IranianEstimate Total of Iranianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_IranianMargin of Error for Total Iranianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_IrishEstimate Total of Irishintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_IrishMargin of Error for Total Irishintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_IsraeliEstimate Total of Israeliintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_IsraeliMargin of Error for Total Israeliintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_ItalianEstimate Total of Italianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_ItalianMargin of Error for Total Italianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_LatvianEstimate Total of Latvianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_LatvianMargin of Error for Total Latvianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_LithuanianEstimate Total of Lithuanianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_LithuanianMargin of Error for Total Lithuanianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_LuxemburgerEstimate Total for Luxemburgerintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_LuxemburgerMargin of Error for Total Luxemburgerintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_MacedonianEstimate Total of Macedonianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_MacedonianMargin of Error for Total Macedonianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_MalteseEstimate Total of Malteseintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_MalteseMargin of Error for Total Malteseintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_New_ZealanderEstimate Total of New Zealanderintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_New_ZealanderMargin of Error for Total New Zealanderintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Northern_EuropeanEstimate Total of Northern Europeanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Northern_EuropeanMargin of Error for Total Northern Europeanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_NorwegianEstimate Total of Norwegianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_NorwegianMargin of Error for Total Norwegianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Pennsylvania_GermanEstimate Total of Pennsylvania Germanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Pennsylvania_GermanMargin of Error for Total Pennsylvania Germanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_PolishEstimate Total of Polishintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_PolishMargin of Error for Total Polishintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_PortugueseEstimate Total of Portugueseintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_PortugueseMargin of Error for Total Portugueseintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_RomanianEstimate Total of Romanianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_RomanianMargin of Error for Total Romanianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_RussianEstimate Total of Russianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_RussianMargin of Error for Total Russianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_ScandinavianEstimate Total of Scandinavianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_ScandinavianMargin of Error for Total Scandinavianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Scotch_IrishEstimate Total of Scotch-Irishintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Scotch_IrishMargin of Error for Total Scotch-Irishintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_ScottishEstimate Total of Scottishintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_ScottishMargin of Error for Total Scottishintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_SerbianEstimate Total of Serbianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_SerbianMargin of Error for Total Serbianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_SlavicEstimate Total of Slavicintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_SlavicMargin of Error for Total Slavicintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_SlovakEstimate Tota of Slovakintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_SlovakMargin of Error for Total Slovakintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_SloveneEstimate Total of Sloveneintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_SloveneMargin of Error for Total Sloveneintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Soviet_UnionEstimate Total of Soviet Unionintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Soviet_UnionMargin of Error for Total Soviet Unionintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Subsaharan_AfricanEstimate Total of Subsaharan Africanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Subsaharan_AfricanMargin of Error for Total Subsaharan Africanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Cape_VerdeanEstimate Total of Cape Verdeanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Cape_VerdeanMargin of Error for Total Cape Verdeanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_EthiopianEstimate Total of Ethiopianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_EthiopianMargin of Error for Total Ethiopianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_GhanaianEstimate Total of Ghanaianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_GhanaianMargin of Error for Total Ghanaianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_KenyanEstimate Total of Kenyanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_KenyanMargin of Error for Total Kenyanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_LiberianEstimate Total of Liberianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_LiberianMargin of Error forTotal Liberianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_NigerianEstimate Total of Nigerianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_NigerianMargin of Error for Total Nigerianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_SenegaleseEstimate Total of Senegaleseintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_SenegaleseMargin of Error for Total Senegaleseintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Sierra_LeoneanEstimate Total of Sierra Leoneanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Sierra_LeoneanMargin of Error Total for Sierra Leoneanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_SomalianEstimate Total of Somalianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_SomalianMargin of Error for Total Somalianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_South_AfricanEstimate Total of South Africanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_South_AfricanMargin of Error for Total South Africanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_SudaneseEstimate Total of Sudaneseintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_SudaneseMargin of Error for Total Sudaneseintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_UgandanEstimate Total of Ugandanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_UgandanMargin of Error for Total Ugandanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_ZimbabweanEstimate Total of Zimbabweanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_ZimbabweanMargin of Error for Total Zimbabweanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_AfricanEstimate Total of Africanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_AfricanMargin of Error for Total Africanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Other_Subsaharan_AfricanEstimate Total of Other Subsaharan Africanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Other_Subsaharan_AfricanMargin of Error for Total Other Subsaharan Africanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_SwedishEstimate Total of Swedishintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_SwedishMargin of Error for Total Swedishintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_SwissEstimate Total of Swissintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_SwissMargin of Error for Total Swissintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_TurkishEstimate Total of Turkishintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_TurkishMargin of Error for Total Turkishintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_UkrainianEstimate Total of Ukrainianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_UkrainianMargin of Error for Total Ukrainianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_WelshEstimate Total of Welshintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_WelshMargin of Error for Total Welshintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_West_IndianEstimate Total of West Indian, except Hispanic groupsintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_West_IndianMargin of Error Total for West Indian, except Hispanic groupsintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_BahamianEstimate Total of Bahamianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_BahamianMargin of Error Total for Bahamianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_BarbadianEstimate Total of Barbadianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error__BarbadianMargin of Error for Total Barbadianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_BelizeanEstimate Total of Belizeanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_BelizeanMargin of Error for Belizeanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_BermudanEstimate Total of Bermudanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_BermudanMargin of Error for Total Bermudanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_British_West_IndianEstimate Total of British West Indianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_British_West_IndianMargin of Error for Total British West Indianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Dutch_West_IndianEstimate Total of Dutch West Indianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Dutch_West_IndianMargin of Error for Total Dutch West Indianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_HaitianEstimate Total of Haitianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_HaitianMargin of Error for Total Haitianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_JamaicanEstimate Total of Jamaicanintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_JamaicanMargin of Error for Jamaicanintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Trinidadian_TobagonianEstimate Total of Trinidadian and Tobagonianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Trinidadian_TobagonianMargin of Error for Total Trinidadian and Tobagonianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Us_Virgin_IslanderEstimate Total for U.S. Virgin Islanderintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Us_Virgin_IslanderMargin of Error for Total U.S. Virgin Islanderintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_West_IndiansEstimate Total of West Indianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_West_IndiansMargin of Error for Total West Indianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Other_West_IndianEstimate Total of Other West Indianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Other_West_IndianMargin of Error for Total Other West Indianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_YugoslavianEstimate Total of Yugoslavianintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_YugoslavianMargin of Error for Total Yugoslavianintegerlevel : Ratio
Estimate_Total_Other_GroupsEstimate Total of Other groupsintegerlevel : Ratio
Margin_Of_Error_Other_GroupsMargin of Error for Total Other groupsintegerlevel : Ratio
Geographic IDFIPS CodeGeographic Display LabelLatitudeLongitudeLand AreaWater AreaEstimate TotalMargin Of Error TotalEstimate Total AfghanMargin Of Error AfghanEstimate Total AlbanianMargin Of Error AlbanianEstimate Total AlsatianMargin Of Error AlsatianEstimate Total AmericanMargin Of Error AmericanEstimate Total ArabMargin Of Error ArabEstimate Total EgyptianMargin Of Error EgyptianEstimate Total IraqiMargin Of Error IraqiEstimate Total JordanianMargin Of Error JordanianEstimate Total LebaneseMargin Of Error LebaneseEstimate Total MoroccanMargin Of Error MoroccanEstimate Total PalestinianMargin Of Error PalestinianEstimate Total SyrianMargin Of Error SyrianEstimate Total ArabsMargin Of Error ArabsEstimate Total Other ArabMargin Of Error Other ArabEstimate Total ArmenianMargin Of Error ArmenianEstimate Total Assyrian Chaldean SyriacMargin Of Error Assyrian Chaldean SyriacEstimate Total AustralianMargin Of Error AustralianEstimate Total AustrianMargin Of Error AustrianEstimate Total BasqueMargin Of Error BasqueEstimate Total BelgianMargin Of Error BelgianEstimate Total BrazilianMargin Of Error BrazilianEstimate Total BritishMargin Of Error BritishEstimate Total BulgarianMargin Of Error BulgarianEstimate Total CajunMargin Of Error CajunEstimate Total CanadianMargin Of Error CanadianEstimate Total Carpatho RusynMargin Of Error Carpatho RusynEstimate Total CelticMargin Of Error CelticEstimate Total CroatianMargin Of Error CroatianEstimate Total CypriotMargin Of Error CypriotEstimate Total CzechMargin Of Error CzechEstimate Total CzechoslovakianMargin Of Error CzechoslovakianEstimate Total DanishMargin Of Error DanishEstimate Total DutchMargin Of Error DutchEstimate Total Eastern EuropeanMargin Of Error Eastern EuropeanEstimate Total EnglishMargin Of Error EnglishEstimate Total EstonianMargin Of Error EstonianEstimate Total EuropeanMargin Of Error EuropeanEstimate Total FinnishMargin Of Error FinnishEstimate Total FrenchMargin Of Error FrenchEstimate Total French CanadianMargin Of Error French CanadianEstimate Total GermanMargin Of Error GermanEstimate Total German RussianMargin Of Error German RussianEstimate Total GreekMargin Of Error GreekEstimate Total GuyaneseMargin Of Error GuyaneseEstimate Total HungarianMargin Of Error HungarianEstimate Total IcelanderMargin Of Error IcelanderEstimate Total IranianMargin Of Error IranianEstimate Total IrishMargin Of Error IrishEstimate Total IsraeliMargin Of Error IsraeliEstimate Total ItalianMargin Of Error ItalianEstimate Total LatvianMargin Of Error LatvianEstimate Total LithuanianMargin Of Error LithuanianEstimate Total LuxemburgerMargin Of Error LuxemburgerEstimate Total MacedonianMargin Of Error MacedonianEstimate Total MalteseMargin Of Error MalteseEstimate Total New ZealanderMargin Of Error New ZealanderEstimate Northern EuropeanMargin Of Error Northern EuropeanEstimate Total NorwegianMargin Of Error NorwegianEstimate Total Pennsylvania GermanMargin Of Error Pennsylvania GermanEstimate Total PolishMargin Of Error PolishEstimate Total PortugueseMargin Of Error PortugueseEstimate Total RomanianMargin Of Error RomanianEstimate Total RussianMargin Of Error RussianEstimate Total ScandinavianMargin Of Error ScandinavianEstimate Total Scotch IrishMargin Of Error Scotch IrishEstimate Total ScottishMargin Of Error ScottishEstimate Total SerbianMargin Of Error SerbianEstimate Total SlavicMargin Of Error SlavicEstimate Total SlovakMargin Of Error SlovakEstimate Total SloveneMargin Of Error SloveneEstimate Total Soviet UnionMargin Of Error Soviet UnionEstimate Total Subsaharan AfricanMargin Of Error Subsaharan AfricanEstimate Total Cape VerdeanMargin Of Error Cape VerdeanEstimate Total EthiopianMargin Of Error EthiopianEstimate Total GhanaianMargin Of Error GhanaianEstimate Total KenyanMargin Of Error KenyanEstimate Total LiberianMargin Of Error LiberianEstimate Total NigerianMargin Of Error NigerianEstimate Total SenegaleseMargin Of Error SenegaleseEstimate Total Sierra LeoneanMargin Of Error Sierra LeoneanEstimate Total SomalianMargin Of Error SomalianEstimate Total South AfricanMargin Of Error South AfricanEstimate Total SudaneseMargin Of Error SudaneseEstimate Total UgandanMargin Of Error UgandanEstimate Total ZimbabweanMargin Of Error ZimbabweanEstimate Total AfricanMargin Of Error AfricanEstimate Total Other Subsaharan AfricanMargin Of Error Other Subsaharan AfricanEstimate Total SwedishMargin Of Error SwedishEstimate Total SwissMargin Of Error SwissEstimate Total TurkishMargin Of Error TurkishEstimate Total UkrainianMargin Of Error UkrainianEstimate Total WelshMargin Of Error WelshEstimate Total West IndianMargin Of Error West IndianEstimate Total BahamianMargin Of Error BahamianEstimate Total BarbadianMargin Of Error BarbadianEstimate Total BelizeanMargin Of Error BelizeanEstimate Total BermudanMargin Of Error BermudanEstimate Total British West IndianMargin Of Error British West IndianEstimate Total Dutch West IndianMargin Of Error Dutch West IndianEstimate Total HaitianMargin Of Error HaitianEstimate Total JamaicanMargin Of Error JamaicanEstimate Total Trinidadian TobagonianMargin Of Error Trinidadian TobagonianEstimate Total Us Virgin IslanderMargin Of Error Us Virgin IslanderEstimate Total West IndiansMargin Of Error West IndiansEstimate Total Other West IndianMargin Of Error Other West IndianEstimate Total YugoslavianMargin Of Error YugoslavianEstimate Total Other GroupsMargin Of Error Other Groups
8600000US00601601ZCTA5 0060118.180556-66.749962166659790799294175704170920920923101580920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920925100920920920920920920920920920924559092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092193309209209209209209209209209209209209209219330920920920920920926395092092092092092092092092092092639509209217128458
8600000US00602602ZCTA5 0060218.361945000000002-67.175597792871484448757413602950920920922212377092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092142309209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209258092092092092092092092092092092092092092580920920920920920922731092092092092092092092092092092273109209239102464
8600000US00603603ZCTA5 0060318.455182999999998-67.11988781884524184093531461009092092092839273284209209209209209209226422509209209209209209209237092092092092092092092092711092092092092193209209209245620928965092092092193009209281102092867909209209209209209209209209212411881209209209209209209209209209209238340920920920920920920920920920920920920923834092914092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092092517511031
8600000US00606606ZCTA5 0060618.158345-66.93291110958006512487621434009209209250440920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920926164335
8600000US00610610ZCTA5 0061018.295366-67.125135930213684171999284863840920920923561610920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920927100920920922640092092092092092162713092092092092092092092092092092092092092183009209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209228062437
8600000US00612612ZCTA5 0061218.402252999999998-66.7113969999999917509543698120466844814870920920926982273946092092092092092918092304309209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209237092092092092092633709237092914092092092092092092344409209209209209209209209209209215240920920920920920920920920920924641092092092092092092092092092092092092092464109209209209209209216170920920920920920920920920920921617092092675221524
8600000US00616616ZCTA5 0061618.420413-66.671979000000012986270914914710241877092092092142009209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209210160920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920920921016092092092092092092092092092092092092092101609209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209209210207875
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