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  • Austin Vaccination for Adult and Children
  • Vaccination and Immunization


  • Adult Vaccination
  • Children Vaccination
  • Adult and Children Vaccination
  • Adult Safety

Austin Adult and Children Vaccinations

This dataset contains information on the number of Vaccine for Children (VFC) and adult safety net (ASN) eligible clients that are immunized, on a monthly basis, through the Austin Public Health ‘Shots for Tots’ and ‘Big Shots’ programs at the St. John and Far South clinics.

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The data is extracted from the Texas Department of State Health Services’ Texas-Wide Integrated Client Encounter System (TWICES) into an aggregate report for each clinic by an Austin Public Health employee at the beginning of each month.

No warranty is made by the City of Austin regarding the specific accuracy, relevance, or completeness of this dataset.

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John Snow Labs; Data City of Austin;

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Adult Vaccination, Children Vaccination, Adult and Children Vaccination, Adult Safety

Other Titles

Austin Vaccination for Adult and Children, Vaccination and Immunization

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
MonthMonth when Vaccination was Providedstring-
YearYear when Vaccination was Provideddate-
LocationLocation where vaccination was providedstring-
Program_NameName of the vaccination programstring-
Number_of_Client_VisitsNumber of Clients Visited for Vaccination Including Adults and Childrenintegerlevel : Ratio
Number_of_ShotsNumber of shots given to Adults and Childrenintegerlevel : Ratio

Data Preview

MonthYearLocationProgram NameNumber of Client VisitsNumber of Shots
OCT2010Far SouthShots for Tots4361118
NOV2010Far SouthShots for Tots8791600
DEC2010Far SouthShots for Tots8181379
JAN2010Far SouthShots for Tots6021184
FEB2010Far SouthShots for Tots337761
MAR2010Far SouthShots for Tots336835
APR2010Far SouthShots for Tots275749
MAY2010Far SouthShots for Tots251764
JUN2010Far SouthShots for Tots244644
JUL2010Far SouthShots for Tots352943