Basic Stand Alone Carrier Line Items PUF 2010

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BSA Carrier Line Item PUF has information from Medicare Carrier claims. The CMS BSA Carrier Line Items PUF is a line item level file in which each record is a line item of a Carrier claim incurred by a 5% sample of Medicare beneficiaries. The CMS BSA Carrier Line Items PUF originates from a 5% simple random sample of beneficiaries drawn (without replacement) from the 100% Beneficiary Summary File for the reference year.


The Carrier claims file was originally called the Physician/Supplier Part B file. This file contains final action claims data submitted by non-institutional providers. These claims are largely from physicians, although they also include claims from other non‐institutional providers such as: physician assistants, clinical social workers, nurse practitioners, independent clinical laboratories, ambulance providers, and free‐standing ambulatory surgical centers. Each record in the Carrier claims file is a claim.

Each carrier claim must include at least one Health Care Procedure Classification Code (HCPCS code) to describe the nature of the billed service. Each HCPCS code on the carrier bill must be accompanied by a line item ICD-9 diagnosis code, providing a reason for the service. In addition, each line item has the fields for the dates of service, reimbursement amount, provider numbers (e.g., NPI), and beneficiary demographic data. Demographic and line item related variables are provided in this PUF. It contains ten analytic variables (in addition to a unique record key): gender, age, ICD‐9‐CM diagnosis code, HCPCS procedure code, BETOS code, count of the services related to the line item, type of provider, type of service, place of service, and line item payment by Medicare. Each claim is comprised of up to 13 line items, each of which corresponds to one HCPCS code and its accompanying information.

The most important aspects of the CMS BSA Carrier Line Items PUF 2010 are that it contains carrier line item services for a simple random sample of 5% of the 2010 beneficiary population. Out of approximately 2.5 million beneficiaries in the 5% sample, 1,596,468 had claims, resulting in a PUF of 70,052,393 line items after excluding invalid line items, denied claims and protecting the privacy of Medicare beneficiaries. The line item payments have been rounded and the ICD‐9‐CM diagnosis codes have been coarsened in order to protect individuals from identification while retaining the analytic value of the data. A line item service for a sampled beneficiary is only included in the PUF if the combination of all ten variables is shared by at least eleven line items pertaining to at least eleven beneficiaries and eleven providers in the population. For some combinations of values of the ten variables, however, there are fewer than eleven line items in the PUF. Line items cannot be linked by claim or by beneficiary, and cannot be linked to any external data source by means of the carrier line ID. The carrier line ID is a cryptographic key specific to the CMS 2010 BSA Carrier Line Items PUF and not available elsewhere. The CMS 2010 BSA Carrier Line Items PUF is sorted by this carrier line ID to ensure that the relative positions of each line item in the PUF and in the original source data are totally uncorrelated.

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Physician and Supplier Part B Claims, Non-institutional Providers Claims, Physician Assistant Payments, Clinical Social Worker Payments, Nurse Practitioner Payments, Independent Clinical Laboratory Payments, Ambulance Provider Payments, Free‐standing Ambulatory Surgical Center Payments, Medicare Carrier Line Item Payments

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Physician and Supplier Part B Claims PUF 2010, Non Institutional Providers Claims File 2010, Physician Assistants Payment 2010, Clinical Social Workers Payment 2010, Nurse Practitioners Payment 2010, Independent Clinical Laboratories Payment 2010, Ambulance Providers Payment 2010, Free Standing Ambulatory Surgical Centers Payments 2010, Medicare Carrier Line Item Claims 2010

GenderIndicates the sex of the beneficiarystringenum : Array
AgeThe beneficiary's age at end of the reference yearstringenum : Array
ICD9_Diagnosis_CodeIndicates the patient’s ICD‐9 CM diagnosis code associated with thw line itemstringmaxLength : 4
HCPCS_Procedure_CodeThe Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes that identify an item or service associated with the line itemstringmaxLength : 5
BETOS_CodeIndicates the Berenson‐Eggers Type of Service codestringmaxLength : 3
Count_Of_SevicesTotal number of services associated with the line itemintegerlevel : Ratio
Type_Of_ProviderIdentifies the type of provider furnishing the service for the line itemstringenum : Array
Type_Of_ServiceIndicates the type of service for the line itemstringenum : Array
Place_Of_ServiceIndicates the place of service for the line itemstringenum : Array
Medicare_Payment_AmountThe payment made by Medicare for the line itemnumber-
Count_Of_Line_ItemsThe number of carrier line items associated with each profileintegerlevel : Ratio
Male80-84 years old11011720P6A1Other entitiesSurgeryHome252
Male80-84 years old23811100P6A1Other entitiesSurgeryOffice3
Male80-84 years old38069210P6C1Other entitiesSurgeryOffice4
Male80-84 years old59951798P6C1Other entitiesSurgeryOffice3
Male80-84 years old60051798P6C1Other entitiesSurgeryOffice5
Male80-84 years old70217003P5A1Other entitiesSurgeryOffice6
Male80-84 years old70217003P5A2Other entitiesSurgeryOffice1
Male80-84 years old70217003P5A4Other entitiesSurgeryOffice2
Male80-84 years old70217110P6A1Other entitiesSurgeryOffice1
Male80-84 years old71520610P6B1Other entitiesSurgeryOffice4