Bloomington Street Signs

$179 / year

This dataset shows the activities conducted by the Street Department that involve street signs for the City of Bloomington.


A detailed summary (service date, type of work, location and total cost) of all the activities conducted by the Street Department that involve street signs. This includes the installation of new signs, maintenance of existing signs, replacement of signs due to vandalism or traffic accidents, and ordinance changes approved by the City Council that require changes to signage.

Data goes back to when the City’s current asset management software system was placed into service in 2012.

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Temporal Coverage

2018-02-12 to 2018-10-31

Spatial Coverage

Bloomington, Indiana


John Snow Labs; Data City of Bloomington;

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Street Signs, Street Department Activities, City Street Signs, Bloomington's Street Signs, Street Department Office

Other Titles

Street Signs Requests, Bloomington Street Signs Requests

Work_Order_NumberUnique work order numberstring-
Status_DateStatus date when street sign was requesteddate-
Main_TaskDescription of the service requeststring-
AddressAddress where service request was madestring-
Total_CostTotal cost in dollars charged for servicenumber-
Work Order NumberStatus DateMain TaskAddressTotal Cost
12-0002482012-08-30Maintenance420 N FESS AVE25
12-0002522012-08-30Maintenance E 17TH ST0
12-0002572012-08-30Maintenance W DIXIE ST112
12-0003582012-09-13Install E 10TH ST30
12-0004332012-11-16Replace E 11TH ST30
12-0004342012-10-02Install E 14TH ST20
12-0004352012-11-16Install508 W 3RD ST17
12-0004362012-11-16Replace W 8TH ST40
12-0004372012-11-16Replace E DAVIS ST0
12-0004382012-11-16Replace W 20TH ST0
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