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  • Female Breast Cancer Mortality Rate in UK
  • Data on Breast Cancer Mortality in United Kingdom


  • Breast Cancer
  • Cancer Death Count
  • Breast Cancer Mortality
  • Female Death Rate
  • Cancer Mortality Rate in UK
  • Mortality From Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Mortality Statistics

Deaths from breast cancer in females registered in the calendar year, directly standardized by age group, given as a rate per 100,000 registered female patients.

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This file contains indicator values for CCG OIS (Clinical Commissioning Group Outcomes Indicator Set) indicator 1.20 – Directly age-standardized mortality rate (DSR) per 100,000 registered female patients, 95% confidence intervals (CI). Reporting period is 2009-2011 to 2013-2015 (3 years pooled). Gender is Female. Data has been collected from GP (General Practitioner) registered patient counts from NHAIS (National Health Application and Infrastructure Services), Primary Care Mortality Database (PCMD) and ONS mid-year England population estimates.

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United Kingdom


John Snow Labs; Office for National Statistics (ONS), NHS Digital;

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Breast Cancer, Cancer Death Count, Breast Cancer Mortality, Female Death Rate, Cancer Mortality Rate in UK, Mortality From Breast Cancer

Other Titles

Female Breast Cancer Mortality Rate in UK, Data on Breast Cancer Mortality in United Kingdom

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Reporting_PeriodCalendar year of death registration. Reporting period is 2009-2011 to 2013-2015 (3 years pooled)stringrequired : 1
Organization_BreakdownOrganization type - National (Resident in England) and CCG (Clinical Commissioning Groups)string-
ONS_CodeONS (Office for National Statistics) codestring-
Breakdown_LevelThe level of each breakdownstring-
Level_DescriptionDescription of each levelstring-
Standardized_Mortality_RateDirectly standardized mortality rate per 100,000numberlevel : Ratio
Lower_Confidence_IntervalDSR (Directly age-standardized mortality rate) lower 95% confidence intervalnumberlevel : Ratio
Upper_Confidence_IntervalDSR (Directly age-standardized mortality rate) upper 95% confidence intervalnumberlevel : Ratio
Registered_PatientsThe count of registered patients (denominator)integerlevel : Ratio
Observed_DeathsNumber of deaths from breast cancer during the respective calendar yearsintegerlevel : Ratio

Data Preview

Reporting PeriodOrganization BreakdownONS CodeBreakdown LevelLevel DescriptionStandardized Mortality RateLower Confidence IntervalUpper Confidence IntervalRegistered PatientsObserved Deaths
2013-2015NationalE92000001NationalAll registered patients in England34.333.934.78514493228532
2012-2014NationalE92000001NationalAll registered patients in England34.634.235.08447347828634
2011-2013NationalE92000001NationalAll registered patients in England34.734.335.18409160628742
2010-2012NationalE92000001NationalAll registered patients in England34.634.235.08387456728672
2009-2011NationalE92000001NationalAll registered patients in England34.333.934.78387456728569
2013-2015CCGE3800004200CNHS Darlington CCG46.436.757.916164079
2013-2015CCGE3800004700DNHS Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield CCG28.724.034.0435503133
2013-2015CCGE3800011600JNHS North Durham CCG32.026.538.2381556122
2013-2015CCGE3800007500KNHS Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees CCG32.527.338.3443059141
2013-2015CCGE3800013000LNHS Northumberland CCG27.423.332.0490863159