Other Titles

  • Alcohol Specific Deaths in the UK 1994 to 2016
  • Female Breast Cancer Mortality Rate in UK
  • Data on Infant Mortality in United Kingdom
  • Monthly figures On Deaths Registered in England and Wales
  • Neonatal Mortality and Stillbirth Rate in UK


  • Alcohol Related Deaths
  • Breast Cancer Mortality
  • Infant Death Rate
  • Public Death Records UK
  • Newborn Mortality Rate
  • Cause of Death in England

UK Mortality and Morbidity Data Data Package

This data package consists of mortality statistics including alcohol related deaths, breast cancer mortality, infant mortality, stillbirth, neonatal mortality and under 75 mortalities from various diseases in England. It also provides data on monthly figures on deaths registered in England and Wales.

- Provides useful information on mortality statistics. - Can be used for analytical purposes. - UK’s death rate can be calculated and analyzed.

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