California Death Records by ZIP Code by Age

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This dataset contains the count of deaths of residents of the state of California from 2013 to 2016, according to age group. Data is from the California Health and Human Services Open Data Portal.


The dataset locates the deceased residents in the state of California according to ZIP code and GeoPoint, the number of events is computed according to the group of age in ranges of 10 years, in some deaths the age was unknown. The data includes California residents regardless of the place of death and excludes deaths of non-California residents that occurred in the state.

The datasets used from CHHS Open Data Portal has been modified.

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California, United States


John Snow Labs; California Health and Human Services Open Data Portal;

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Other Titles

US California Deaths By ZIP Code and Age, Deaths by ZIP Code and Age in California, ZIP Codes Map for California Deaths, California Deaths by Location and Age

ZIP_CodeZIP Code for location in Californiaintegerlevel : Nominal
AgeThe group of age for the individuals at the moment of deathstring-
DeathsNumber of deaths for the corresponding age groupintegerlevel : Ratio
LatitudeLatitude for the ZIP Codegeopoint-
LongitudeLongitude for the ZIP Codegeopoint-
CountyCalifornia county where the deceased had the residencystring-
YearYear when the deceases occurreddate-
ZIP CodeAgeDeathsLatitudeLongitudeCountyYear
9000115-24 years old1233.9740265-118.2495095Los Angeles2016
9000125-34 years old1433.9740265-118.2495095Los Angeles2015
9000125-34 years old1133.9740265-118.2495095Los Angeles2016
9000135-44 years old1333.9740265-118.2495095Los Angeles2013
9000135-44 years old1933.9740265-118.2495095Los Angeles2014
9000135-44 years old1733.9740265-118.2495095Los Angeles2015
9000135-44 years old2333.9740265-118.2495095Los Angeles2016
9000145-54 years old2933.9740265-118.2495095Los Angeles2013
9000145-54 years old3033.9740265-118.2495095Los Angeles2014
9000145-54 years old2133.9740265-118.2495095Los Angeles2015