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California State Health Data Package

$1,253 $876 / YEAR

The purpose of this data package is to offer relevant demographic data for those interested to understand the health status of California population groups according to their location. In this data package are included health indicators like newborn screenings for congenital diseases, emergency department diagnosis and visits for asthma attack, infections among California population and surgical site infections along with demographic indicators influenced directly by the population health or access to healthcare services, like mortality and natality.

Useful for California public health stakeholders, for public health specialist or specialized public. This data package can be useful not only for population health state evaluation, prevention or healthcare resources planning but also for emergency preparedness. The datasets the data can be useful to transpoze the values into geographical representations. The fields descriptions along with the dataset description are useful for the user to quickly understand the data and the dataset.
1. California Death Records by ZIP Code by Age ($179)
2. California ER Asthma Attack Rate by County ($179)
3. Congenital Disease Screening in Newborn in California ($179)
4. Emergency Admission Diagnosis ($179)
5. Patients with Infections in California by Sex and Year ($179)
6. Premature Birth Rate by California County ($179)
7. Surgical Procedure Infections in California ($179)