California ER Asthma Attack Rate by County

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This dataset collects the count of Emergency Department visits with a diagnosis of asthma in the state of California by age group. Data is from the California Health and Human Services Open Data Portal.


The dataset is presented with counts and age-adjusted rates of asthma diagnosis per 10,000 California residents that were attended to in the emergency room. Asthma diagnosis for this data is based on the primary discharge diagnosis codes ICD9-CM. The data is presented by ZIP code, county FIPS code, geographical longitude and latitude location and group of age.

The datasets used from CHHS Open Data Portal has been modified.

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California, United States


John Snow Labs; California Health and Human Services Open Data Portal;

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Other Titles

California Counties Asthma Attack Rates, Asthma Emergencies in California by US ZIP code, California Asthma Attack Rate by ZIP code

ZIP_CodeZIP Code for location in Californiaintegerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeGeographical point of the emergency room where the cases were receivedgeopoint-
LongitudeGeographical point of the emergency room where the cases were receivedgeopoint-
Age_GroupThe age group of asthma cases in the corresponding county and ZIP Codestring-
Number_Of_VisitsThe number of visits to the ER for asthmaintegerlevel : Ratio
Age_Adjusted_RateAge-Adjusted Rate of Asthma ER Visits (per 10,000 residents)numberlevel : Ratio
Fips_CodeCounty FIPS codeintegerlevel : Nominal
CountyCalifornia county where the ER is locatedstring-
YearYear when the cases occurreddate-
9354637.5488009-118.83981960-17 years old6051Mono2009
9542339.0644463-122.62670130-17 years old6033Lake2009
9545738.8829730-122.53271970-17 years old6033Lake2009
9545839.1612780-122.74531190-17 years old6033Lake2009
9546738.8082640-122.53995220-17 years old6033Lake2009
9548539.2254776-122.92291170-17 years old6033Lake2009
9562738.7345127-122.02534590-17 years old6113Yolo2009
9569239.0430660-121.40980440-17 years old6115Yuba2009
9320535.5182947-118.43003170-17 years old6029Kern2009
9322534.7685031-119.03029340-17 years old6029Kern2009