Chicago Annual Taxpayer Location List

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This dataset shows the list of businesses registered with the State of Illinois that may levy retail sales taxes in the Chicago area. It includes information on Type of Filer,Business Name, Address, City, ZIP Code, Latitude and Longitude.

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The Annual Taxpayer Location Address List is produced from data contained in the business registration system. The list is generated for each municipal and county government. The State has been divided into 12 zones with lists for one of the zones generated each month. The lists are sent to the attention of the municipal or county clerk.

In general, the Annual Taxpayer Location Address List contains those active businesses that are registered to conduct retail sales within your taxing jurisdiction.

The list includes only those businesses that have registered with the Department to sell tangible personal property at retail and are registered to report retail sales within your taxing jurisdiction. There are many types of businesses that provide a service but do not sell tangible personal property at retail.

A service business is required to charge sales tax on the merchandise it transfers (sells) to its customers as part of the service it provides when the annual aggregate costs of the merchandise reaches a specified percentage of the total charge for both merchandise transferred and service provided. For most service businesses, the annual aggregate cost must be 35 percent or more of annual gross receipts. In the case of pharmacists and persons engaged in graphic arts production, the required percentage increases to 75 percent. Some businesses that do not meet these percentage requirements elect to register and charge sales tax anyway.

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Tax Rate Database, Tax Paying Companies Data

Illinois_Business_Tax_NumberTax number registered with the Illinois Department of Revenuestring-
Sequence_NumberSequence Number of saving recordintegerlevel : Nominal
Type_of_FilerPermanent Location (PL) changing location (CL) and no fixed address (TL) type filers will reflect the address of the taxpayer’s principal place of business.string-
Standard_Industrial_ClassificationStandard Industrial Classification code indicated by the business. SIC may not comprehensively describe the operation of the business.string-
Business_Name"Doing Business As" (DBA) name is the name being used to operate the business.string-
Owning_EntityName of the business or entity if not using an alternative DBA name.string-
AddressAddress of the business or entity.string-
CityCity of the business or entity.string-
State_AbbreviationState abbreviation of the business or entity.string-
ZIP_CodeZIP Code of the business or entity.string-
LatitudeLatitude location of the propertynumber-
LongitudeLongitude location of the propertynumber-
4025-74870CL5944ZHI WANG
4146-70190CL5999LC COOKS
3958-31470CL5963JUAN REED
3990-42450CL5963EMRE ERER
4044-15390CL5651SYED RAZA
4044-94240CL5651ERIC RUIZ
4046-93950CL5431BETTY DYE
4058-42240CL5944OMAR SAMB
4090-66710CL5431LUZ RODAS
4107-38000CL5947ENA ALLEN
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