Garbage Carts Requested by 311 Service

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This dataset shows the garbage carts requested by the 311 Service. It includes all open requests and all completed requests since January 1, 2011.

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The City of Chicago provides heavy-duty plastic 96-gallon garbage carts to single-family residences and apartment buildings of four units or less. Residents may request new carts when none are present, or replacement carts for ones which have gone missing or been damaged.

311 sometimes receives duplicate requests for garbage carts. Requests that have been labeled as Duplicates are in the same geographic area and have been entered into 311’s Customer Service Requests (CSR) system at around the same time as a previous request. Duplicate reports/requests are labeled as such in the Status field, as either “Open – Dup” or “Completed – Dup.”

The request only includes garbage cart black maintenance and replacement.

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Other Titles

Chicago Garbage Carts, Garbage Carts Request Data, Garbage Cart Black Maintenance and Replacement Request Data, Open and Completed Garbage Carts Request Data Since 2011

Creation_DateDate when garbage carts were requesteddate-
Request_StatusStatus of the cart requestedstring-
Completion_DateDate when request was completeddate-
Service_Request_NumberA unique number to identify garbage cart requeststring-
Number_of_Black_Carts_DeliveredNumber of the black carts delivered by the 311 servicenumberlevel : Ratio
Current_ActivityType of current activitystring-
Most_Recent_ActionThe most recent action on requeststring-
Street_AddressStreet address of the garbage cart.string-
ZIP_CodeZIP Code of the street.integerlevel : Nominal
Ward_NumberThe ward number used in the street.integerlevel : Nominal
Police_DistrictIndicates the police district where the garbage cart was requested.integerlevel : Nominal
Community_AreaIndicates the community area where the garbage cart was requested. Chicago has 77 community areas.integerlevel : Nominal
Special_Service_AreasSpecial Service Areas, known as Business Improvement Districts or BIDs in other cities, are local tax districts that fund expanded services and programs through a localized property tax levy within contiguous areas. The enhanced services and programs are in addition to those currently provided through the City.integerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeThe latitude of the physical location of the garbage cart.number-
LongitudeThe longitude of the physical location of the garbage cart.number-
Creation DateRequest StatusCompletion DateService Request NumberNumber of Black Carts DeliveredCurrent ActivityMost Recent ActionStreet AddressZIP CodeWard NumberPolice DistrictCommunity AreaSpecial Service AreasLatitudeLongitude
2018-12-19Open18-033898341825 W 23RD ST6060825103141.85059524-87.67196291
2018-12-18Open18-033887183534 W MONROE ST6062428112741.87965249-87.71497601
2018-12-18Open - Duplicate18-033883263359 S WESTERN AVE606082595941.83214153-87.68492962
2018-12-18Open18-033887104433 W ADAMS ST6062428112641.87773549-87.73671651
2018-12-18Open18-033876394359 S OAKENWALD AVE60653423941.81553183-87.59628137
2018-12-18Open18-033888298446 S THROOP ST606202167141.73996587-87.6560295
2018-12-18Open18-033888934200 W JACKSON BLVD6062428112641.8771349-87.73057338
2018-12-18Open18-033887691745 W PRATT BLVD606264924142.00519831-87.67480369
2018-12-18Open18-033885315713 W GIDDINGS ST6063045161541.96672121-87.77047137
2018-12-18Open18-03388342136 W 109TH PL606283454941.69538087-87.62703451