CHSI Relative Health Importance

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This dataset identifies the data elements and values in the Relative Health Importance indicator domain from the Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) report.


Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) to combat obesity, heart disease, and cancer, this dataset provides key health indicators for local communities and encourages dialogue about actions that can be taken to improve community health (e.g., obesity, heart disease, cancer). The CHSI report contains over 200 measures for each of the 3,141 United States counties. Although CHSI presents indicators like deaths due to heart disease and cancer, it is imperative to understand that behavioral factors such as obesity, tobacco use, diet, physical activity, alcohol and drug use, sexual behavior and others substantially contribute to these deaths. The values are shown in percentage.

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Other Titles

CHSI Relative Health Importance Data Indicators, CHSI Relative Health Importance Health Assessment, CHSI Relative Health Importance Needs Assessment, CHSI Relative Health Importance Health Needs

State_FIPS_CodeTwo-digit state identifier, developed by the National Bureau of Standards.string-
County_FIPS_CodeThree-digit county identifier, developed by the National Bureau of Standards.string-
CountyName of county.string-
StateName of State or District of Columbia.string-
State_AbbreviationTwo-character postal abbreviation for state name.string-
Strata_ID_NumberCHSI Peer County Stratum Number.integerlevel : Nominal
Relative_Health_Indicator_Low_BirthRelative health indicator, low birth wt. (<2500 g).integerlevel : Ratio
Relative_Health_Indicator_Very_Low_BirthRelative health indicator, very low birth wt. (<1500 g).integerlevel : Ratio
Relative_Health_Indicator_Premature_BirthRelative health indicator, premature births (<37 weeks).integerlevel : Ratio
Relative_Health_Indicator_Under_18Relative health indicator, births to women under 18.integerlevel : Ratio
Relative_Health_Indicator_Over_40Relative health indicator, births to women over 40.integerlevel : Ratio
Relative_Health_Indicator_UnmarriedRelative health indicator, births to unmarried women.integerlevel : Ratio
Relative_Health_Indicator_Late_CareRelative health indicator, no care in first trimester.integerlevel : Ratio
Relative_Health_Indicator_Infant_MortalityRelative health indicator, infant mortality.integerlevel : Ratio
Infant_Mortality_White_Non_Hispanic_IndicatorRelative health indicator, White non-Hispanic infant mortality.integerlevel : Ratio
Infant_Mortality_Black_Non_Hispanic_IndicatorRelative health indicator, Black non-Hispanic infant mortality.integerlevel : Ratio
Infant_Mortality_Hispanic_IndicatorRelative health indicator, Hispanic infant mortality.integerlevel : Ratio
Infant_Mortality_Neonatal_Hispanic_IndicatorRelative health indicator, neonatal infant mortality.integerlevel : Ratio
Infant_Mortality_Postneonatal_Hispanic_IndicatorRelative health indicator, post-neonatal infant mortality.integerlevel : Ratio
Breast_Cancer_IndicatorRelative health indicator, breast cancer (female).integerlevel : Ratio
Colon_Cancer_IndicatorRelative health indicator, colon cancer.integerlevel : Ratio
Coronary_Heart_Disease_IndicatorRelative health indicator, coronary heart disease.integerlevel : Ratio
Homicide_IndicatorRelative health indicator, homicide.integerlevel : Ratio
Lung_Cancer_IndicatorRelative health indicator, lung cancer.integerlevel : Nominal
Motor_Vehicle_Injuries_IndicatorRelative health indicator, motor vehicle injuries.integerlevel : Ratio
Stroke_IndicatorRelative health indicator, stroke.integerlevel : Ratio
Suicide_IndicatorRelative health indicator, suicide.integerlevel : Ratio
Injury_IndicatorRelative health indicator, unintentional injury.integerlevel : Ratio
State FIPS CodeCounty FIPS CodeCountyStateState AbbreviationStrata ID NumberRelative Health Indicator Low BirthRelative Health Indicator Very Low BirthRelative Health Indicator Premature BirthRelative Health Indicator Under 18Relative Health Indicator Over 40Relative Health Indicator UnmarriedRelative Health Indicator Late CareRelative Health Indicator Infant MortalityInfant Mortality White Non Hispanic IndicatorInfant Mortality Black Non Hispanic IndicatorInfant Mortality Hispanic IndicatorInfant Mortality Neonatal Hispanic IndicatorInfant Mortality Postneonatal Hispanic IndicatorBreast Cancer IndicatorColon Cancer IndicatorCoronary Heart Disease IndicatorHomicide IndicatorLung Cancer IndicatorMotor Vehicle Injuries IndicatorStroke IndicatorSuicide IndicatorInjury Indicator