• Cancer Screening Coverage in England
  • CHSI Demographics Data Indicators
  • CHSI Demographics Health Assessment
  • CHSI Healthy People Health Assessment 2010
  • CHSI Preventive Services Use Indicators
  • CHSI Summary Measures of Health Data Indicators


  • CHSI Demographics
  • Health Assessment Demographics
  • Needs Assessment
  • CHSI Healthy People Data
  • Community Health Status Indicator
  • Measures of Birth and Death
  • Vulnerable Pops and Environmental Health
  • CHSI Health Assessment
  • Cervical Screening Data
  • Breast Cancer Screening Data

Community Health Status Indicators Data Package

$3,490.50 $2,442 / YEAR

This data package contains the information of Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI). It includes measures of birth of death and other measures of health.

Useful data package for Providers to know leading causes of death, measures of birth and death rate and prevention.
Update Frequency: Annual
Data Complexity: Simple
Number of Datasets: 12
1. CHSI Demographics ($179)
2. CHSI Healthy People 2010 Targets ($179)
3. CHSI Leading Causes of Death ($179)
4. CHSI Measures of Birth and Death ($179)
5. CHSI Preventive Services Use ($179)
6. CHSI Relative Health Importance ($179)
7. CHSI Risk Factors and Access to Care ($179)
8. CHSI Summary Measures of Health ($447.5)
9. CHSI Vulnerable Pops and Environmental Health ($447.5)
10. Cancer Screening Coverage ($447.5)
11. Venous Thromboembolism Risk Assessment ($447.5)
12. Waiting Times for Suspected and Diagnosed Cancer Patients ($447.5)