Crime Data for NYC Public Schools

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This dataset contains the collection and maintenance of crime data for incidents that occur in New York City public schools.

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Since 1998, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has been tasked with the collection and maintenance of crime data for incidents that occur in New York City public schools. For presentation purposes, each incident has been classified in one of three categories. These categories are:

Major Crimes: This category is consistent with those regularly and publicly reported by the NYPD. It includes the most serious personal and property crimes. The property crimes are burglary, grand larceny and grand larceny auto. The crimes against persons are murder, rape, robbery and felony assault.

Other Crimes: This category is composed of many crimes and incidents that range in severity. It includes reports of incidents such as arson/explosion, misdemeanor assault, criminal possession or sale of a controlled substance, sale of marijuana, criminal mischief, petit larceny, reckless endangerment, sex offenses (not including rape, which is included in the Major Crimes), and weapons possession.

Non-Criminal Incidents: This category includes actions which are not classified as crimes but are nevertheless disruptive to the school environment. It includes disorderly conduct, harassment, loitering, possession of marijuana, dangerous instruments and trespass.

Note: Blank Values in the incident numbers for a school indicate that the school did not have an associated incident count reported by the NYPD, or that the data about the school has been combined with that for other schools at the same location (in which case you are referred to the overall data for that “consolidated” location or campus.)

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School Crime and Safety Reports US, Crimes in US Schools

School_YearSchool Reporting Yearstring-
Building_CodeUnique Code assigned to school buildingstring-
Database_NumberA Unique Database Number assigned to school building for database recordstring-
Location_NameThe name by which the organization is known. For a learning community, it is the official title of the school.string-
Location_CodeA unique identifier that can include schools, administrative offices, learning communities, etc. When the Learning_Community_Name = ‘School’, the Location_Code is a combination of the borough code and the school number.string-
School_AddressThe school’s address (building number and street name).string-
BoroughNYC Boro the location is situated instring-
Geographical_District_CodeThe school’s geographical district as defined by the NYC Department of Education.integerlevel : Ratio
Registered_StudentsNumber of students on registernumberlevel : Ratio
Building_NameThe official name of the building a school is located instring-
No_Of_SchoolsNumber of schools in in the buildingintegerlevel : Ratio
Schools_In_BuildingNames of the schools in the buildingsstring-
Major_CrimesNumber of major crimesintegerlevel : Ratio
Other_CrimesNumber of other crimesintegerlevel : Ratio
NonCriminal_CrimesNumber of non-criminal crimesintegerlevel : Ratio
Property_CrimesNumber of property crimesintegerlevel : Ratio
Violent_CrimeNumber of violent crimesintegerlevel : Ratio
Group_NameGroup name that the building population falls understring-
Building_PopulationBuilding Populationstring-
Average_Of_Major_CrimesAverage of major crimes for all buildings that have the same Group or Rangenumberlevel : Ratio
Average_Of_Other_CrimesAverage of other crimes for all buildings that have the same Group or Rangenumberlevel : Ratio
Average_Of_NonCriminal_CrimesAverage of non-criminal crimes for all buildings that have the same Group or Rangenumberlevel : Ratio
Average_Of_Property_CrimesAverage of property crimes for all buildings that have the same Group or Rangenumberlevel : Ratio
Average_Of_Violent_CrimesAverage of violent crimes for all buildings that have the same Group or Rangenumberlevel : Ratio
Borough_NameBorough Namestring-
Post_CodeSchool Post Codeintegerlevel : Ratio
LatitudeSchool Latitude Locationnumber-
LongitudeSchool Longitude Locationnumber-
Community_BoardCommunity Board Numberintegerlevel : Ratio
Council_DistrictCouncil District Numberintegerlevel : Ratio
Census_TractCensus Tract Numberintegerlevel : Ratio
BINNumber assigned by City Planning to a specific building (Building Identification Number)integerlevel : Ratio
BBLBorough-Block-Lot (BBL) which identify the location of buildings or properties.integerlevel : Ratio
NTANeighborhood Tabulation Areas (NTAs) created to project populations at a small area level, from 2000 to 2030 for PlaNYC, the long-term sustainability plan for New York City.string-
2013-14L00175Q256P.S. Q256Q256525 CONVENT ROADO4781P.S. Q2563C251-5000.351.061.090.730.5
2014-15L00175Q256P.S. Q256Q256525 CONVENT ROADO5181P.S. Q2564C501-7500.311.121.820.790.51
2015-16L00175Q256P.S. Q256Q256525 CONVENT ROADO5011P.S. Q2564C501-7500.281.111.740.750.53
2015-16X05610X056PS 56 Norwood HeightsX0566911PS 56 Norwood Heights114C501-7500.281.111.740.750.53
2014-15O30879X490Phoenix AcademyX4903151 STONEY STREETO981Phoenix Academy2C1-2500.360.761.170.640.37
2013-14O30879X490Phoenix AcademyX4903151 STONEY STREETO1351Phoenix Academy2C1-2500.431.031.230.990.41
2013-14M04605M046P.S. 046 Arthur TappanM0462987 FREDERICK DGLS BLVDM58431P.S. 046 Arthur Tappan13145C751-10000.521.712.491.160.75
2014-15M04605M046P.S. 046 Arthur TappanM0462987 FREDERICK DGLS BLVDM58591P.S. 046 Arthur Tappan121215C751-10000.461.652.771.170.75
2015-16M04605M046P.S. 046 Arthur TappanM0462987 FREDERICK DGLS BLVDM57731P.S. 046 Arthur Tappan254335C751-10000.381.712.380.980.82
2014-15K93207X695PASSAGES ACADEMY AT BELMONT(BN)X695560 BROOK AVENUEK73951PASSAGES ACADEMY AT BELMONT(BN)1113C251-5000.271.111.380.80.48