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Detroit Blight Violations

This dataset shows Blight Violation Notices (BVN), or Blight Tickets, that have been issued to property owners who have violated City of Detroit ordinances that govern how property owners must maintain the exterior of their property.

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Blight violation is a violation of a local ordinance, similar to a public nuisance. The precise definition varies by local area, but examples may include the change in land use without a permit, lack of exterior property maintenance, or trash accumulation. It often involves something unsightly, offensive, or hazardous that lowers property values or threatens public safety. Blight Tickets are issued by city inspectors, police officers, neighborhood city hall managers and other city officials who investigate complaints of blight and are managed by the Department of Administrative Hearings (DAH).

A blight violation is issued when an owner fails to follow these ordinances. Some common violations are:

Open Storage – Junk Vehicle

– Motor vehicle unlicensed or inoperative in excess of 15 days unless in a completely enclosed building. Can be stored in driveway beneath a properly fitting cover manufactured for that purpose with a special storage permit.

Open Storage – Building Materials

– Lumber, bricks, concrete, cinder blocks, plumbing, electrical, heating equipment, shingles, mortar, cement, nails, screws or other construction materials. These items may be allowed with a valid building permit.

Open Storage – Junk / Trash / Debris / Refuse

– Parts of machinery or motor vehicles, tires, vehicle parts, unused stoves or other appliances, remnants of wood, metal or any other materials. Including boats, campers, travel trailers, motorized homes, trailers and recreational equipment/vehicles that are not maintained in good condition and repair.
– Trash/refuse, food or animal waste, waste consisting of combustible materials (paper, cardboard, yard clippings, wood or similar materials) must be enclosed in a sealed trash receptacle (sealed trash bags are acceptable) and placed so it is not visible from any public street or sidewalk whenever possible except during normal collection.

Upholstered furniture, automobile seats / parts

– Storage, display or use of upholstered or other furniture or discarded automobile seats /parts on porches, patios or in the yard not designed, manufactured, sold or intended for use as outdoor furniture.

Exterior of Structure

– No address visible from public way (numbers must be 4″ H x .50″ W and contrast with the background color)
– Broken or cracked window panes; windows not fully glazed or containing inserts/patches; or openings boarded up for more than 30 days.
– Wood surfaces not clean, stained or painted with chipping or peeling paint. Exterior surfaces not free of dirt, grime or graffiti.
– Exterior of structure, including siding and roof, not in good repair or with missing, damaged or deteriorated materials including shingles, siding, fascia boards, trim, shutters, porch skirting, etc.
– Roof and roof shingles not in good condition or covered with tarp in excess of 30 days if repairs being made.
– Porches and stairs not stable or free of cracked boards or block.


– Lawns, trees, shrubs and flowers must be maintained to not create a visual barrier, safety or environmental hazard, or contribute to conditions of blight.
– Grass to be no more than 8″ in height and mowed regularly.
– Shrubs must be trimmed to provide a clear view of the front entrance and not create a visual barrier or hazard.

A Respondent who receives a blight violation notice has the right to attend a hearing at the DAH. At the hearing, the Respondent may present a defense to the blight violation. DAH hearings are presided over by Administrative Hearing Officers who are licensed Michigan attorneys and independent contractors. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Administrative Hearing Officer will make a finding of facts and issue a written Decision and Order and Judgment. A Decision and Order and Judgment issued by the DAH is a state civil judgment and is treated the same as any other state court judgment for enforcement purposes.

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City of Detroit


John Snow Labs; Department of Administrative Hearings;

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City of Detroit Ordinances, Violation of Local Ordinances, Blight Violation Notices, Blight Violations, Blight Notices, Blight Tickets, Blight Violations Issued to Owner

Other Titles

Blight Tickets Issued by Inspectors, Blight Notices and Tickets, City of Detroit Ordinance Violations

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Ticket_IDA unique ticket identification number assigned to the case by DAHintegerlevel : Nominal
Ticket_NumberTicket number assigned to the case by DAHstring-
Agency_NameAgency name that issued the ticketstring-
Inspector_NameName of the inspector who issued the ticketstring-
Violator_NameName of the violatorstring-
Violator_IDIdentification number allotted to violator by DAHintegerlevel : Nominal
Violation_AreaArea where the violation occurredstring-
Street_NumberStreet number where the violation occurredstring-
Street_NameStreet name where the violation occurredstring-
Mailing_Address_Street_NumberStreet number of mailing addressstring-
Mailing_Address_Street_NameStreet name of the mailing addressstring-
CityMailing address city namestring-
State_AbbreviationShort abbreviation of the statestring-
Zip_CodeZIP code for mailing addressstring-
Mailing_Address_Non_USA_CodeCode for mailing address for Non USAstring-
CountryViolator country namestring-
Violation_DateDate when the violation occurreddate-
Ticket_Issued_TimeTime when ticket was issued for violationstring-
Hearing_DateHearing Date given by DAHdate-
Hearing_TimeTime of hearingstring-
Judgment_DateJudgment Date given by DAHdate-
Violation_CodeSpecific Violation Codestring-
Violation_DescriptionDetailed description of the violationstring-
DispositionDisposition of violationstring-
Fine_AmountAmount fined for violationnumber-
Admin_FeeAdministration fee for violationnumber-
State_FeeState fee for violationnumber-
Late_FeeLate fee for violationnumber-
Discount_AmountAny discount in amount for violationnumber-
Clean_Up_CostCost in clearing violation areanumber-
Judgment_Amount_Total_DueTotal Due amount by judgmentnumber-
Payment_Amount_Sum_of_All_PaymentsSum of all paymentsnumber-
Balance_DueRemaining balance amountnumber-
Payment_DateDate of paymentdate-
Payment_StatusStatus of paymentstring-
Collection_StatusStatus of collection amountstring-
Violation_AddressAddress where violation occurredstring-
Violation_Parcel_IDParcel identification numberstring-
LatitudeLatitude location of the violationnumber-
LongitudeLatitude location of the violationnumber-

Data Preview

Ticket IDTicket NumberAgency NameInspector NameViolator NameViolator IDViolation AreaStreet NumberStreet NameMailing Address Street NumberMailing Address Street NameCityState AbbreviationZip CodeMailing Address Non USA CodeCountryViolation DateTicket Issued TimeHearing DateHearing TimeJudgment DateViolation CodeViolation DescriptionDispositionFine AmountAdmin FeeState FeeLate FeeDiscount AmountClean Up CostJudgment Amount Total DuePayment Amount Sum of All PaymentsBalance DuePayment DatePayment StatusCollection StatusViolation AddressViolation Parcel IDLatitudeLongitude
1864505001700DAHBuildings, Safety Engineering & Env DepartmentOrbie GailesDean Byrd601KING1614599KingDetMI482022005-01-131900-01-012005-02-07 9:00AM2005-02-079-1-36(a)Failure of owner to obtain certificate of complianceResponsible by Default250201000280280300239018645-83.0725728342.3833501
1864605001701DAHBuildings, Safety Engineering & Env DepartmentOrbie GailesCynthia Roberts607KING161518604AppolineDetMI482352005-01-141900-01-012005-02-14 9:00AM2019-09-169-1-36(a)Failure of owner to obtain certificate of complianceNot responsible by City Dismissal250000000.00NO PAYMENT DUE300239118646-83.0724787242.38339374
1864805001703DAHBuildings, Safety Engineering & Env DepartmentOrbie GailesDannny Barnes4066COLUMBUS16174066ColumbusDetMI482042005-01-141900-01-012005-02-14 9:00AM2005-02-149-1-36(a)Failure of owner to obtain certificate of complianceNot responsible by Dismissal250000000.00NO PAYMENT DUE1400257218648-83.1150609142.3599155
1864905001704DAHBuildings, Safety Engineering & Env DepartmentOrbie GailesGloria Seldon3005PASADENA16183005PasadaDetMI482382005-01-141900-01-012005-02-14 9:00AM2019-09-169-1-36(a)Failure of owner to obtain certificate of complianceNot responsible by City Dismissal250000000.00NO PAYMENT DUE1200470818649-83.1280407642.39344795
1865005001705DAHBuildings, Safety Engineering & Env DepartmentOrbie GailesBessie Thomas4024CLEMENTS161920211WestmorelandDetMI482192005-01-141900-01-012005-02-14 9:00AM2019-09-169-1-36(a)Failure of owner to obtain certificate of complianceNot responsible by City Dismissal250000000.00NO PAYMENT DUE18650
1865105001706DAHBuildings, Safety Engineering & Env DepartmentOrbie GailesShams Algoro4017CLEMENTS162016925LinwoodDEtMI482212005-01-141900-01-012005-02-14 9:00AM2019-09-169-1-36(a)Failure of owner to obtain certificate of complianceNot responsible by City Dismissal250000000.00NO PAYMENT DUE18651
1865205001707DAHBuildings, Safety Engineering & Env DepartmentOrbie GailesAljay Adams3395PALMER16213387E. AdamsDetMI482212005-01-141900-01-012005-02-14 9:00AM2005-02-149-1-36(a)Failure of owner to obtain certificate of complianceResponsible by Default2502010002802801300349018652-83.0361417342.37407762
1865305001708DAHBuildings, Safety Engineering & Env DepartmentOrbie Gailesna Garden Court Apt.s2900JEFFERSON16222900E. JeffersonDetMI482072005-01-141900-01-012005-02-14 9:00AM2005-02-239-1-36(a)Failure of owner to obtain certificate of complianceResponsible by Admission2502010002802802005-02-22PAID IN FULLCONDO BUILDING18653-83.0191720942.33919564
1865405001709DAHBuildings, Safety Engineering & Env DepartmentOrbie Gailesna JMC Manag.69SEWARD1623463012po box Mt. ClementsMI480442005-01-141900-01-012005-02-14 9:00AM2005-02-149-1-36(a)Failure of owner to obtain certificate of complianceResponsible by Default250201000280280200118718654-83.0776414742.37431818
1865505001710DAHBuildings, Safety Engineering & Env DepartmentOrbie GailesClairwood Apt.s100CLAIRMOUNT1624784PO boxBloomfield HillsMI483032005-01-141900-01-012005-02-14 9:00AM2005-02-149-1-36(a)Failure of owner to obtain certificate of complianceResponsible by Default2502010252528055.02252020-01-23PARTIAL PAYMENT APPLIED200143018655-83.0837333142.38240706