Dialysis Facility Reports State and National Averages

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This dataset shows the state and national averages for measures found in the FY 2018 Dialysis Facility Reports.


This dataset shows the Dialysis Facility Reports that were prepared for each dialysis facility under contract to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Included here are the reports.

The Dialysis Facility Report (DFR) for FY 2018 is provided as a resource for characterizing selected aspects of clinical experience at this facility relative to other caregivers in this state, ESRD Network, and across the United States. Since these data could be useful in quality improvement and assurance activities, each state’s surveying agency may utilize this report as a resource during the FY 2018 survey and certification process.

Dialysis Facility Compare provides information on more than 5,500 facilities (centers) throughout the country. Dialysis Facility Compare can help patients compare dialysis centers and choose one that’s right for them. The information on Dialysis Facility Compare helps patients to learn:
– How well dialysis centers care for their patients.
– How often each dialysis center used best practices when caring for its patients and kept patients healthy.
– How patients responded to a survey about their experience at dialysis centers Dialysis Facility Compare is one of many sources of information they can use when deciding where to get dialysis.

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Dialysis Reports for 2018, State and National Averages for Dialysis

State_AbbreviationThe state abbreviation of the facility being identified.string-
Measure_DescriptionDescription of the state and national dialysis facility reportstring-
Measure_ScoreIdentifies the score of State and National Average Measure.numberlevel : Ratio
LatitudeThe latitude of the dialysis center or facility.number-
LongitudeThe longitude address of the dialysis center or facility.number-
Average age, 201663.57508541
Percentage White, 201667.41628408
Index discharges, 201677.62011173
Percentage smoker, 20166.526080979
Percentage female, 201642.57775011
Percentage Hispanic, 201614.8133738
Average creatinine, 20166.422716563
Average hemoglobin, 20169.313388504
Total readmissions, 201620.00702782
Percentage with PVD, 20169.992304966