Distributed Electric Generation Data By Capacity Number Type Generator

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The dataset includes information on distributed electric generation (grid-connected) by the number of generators, number of generators less than one megawatt, total aggregate capacity, aggregate capacity used only for backup, and capacity by technology type.


The Energy Information Administration dataset includes information such as peak load, generation, electric purchases, sales, revenues, customer counts and demand-side management programs, green pricing and net metering programs, and distributed generation capacity.
Distributed generation (grid-connected) are for companies that own or operate a distribution system. Distributed generators could be utility-owned or customer-owned. The dataset includes the number of generators, number of generators less than one megawatt, total aggregate capacity, aggregate capacity used only for backup, and capacity by technology type. Respondents specify whether data are actual or estimated.

The dataset compiled by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) using data from ABB, the Velocity Suite and the U.S. Energy Information Administration dataset 861, provides average residential, commercial and industrial electricity rates by zip code for both investor-owned utilities (IOU) and non-investor owned utilities. The file includes average rates for each utility, but not the detailed rate structure data found in the Open EI U.S. Utility Rate Database. A more recent version of this data is also available through the NREL Utility Rate API with more search options. This data was released by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)/Ventyx in February 2011.

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Electricity Rates, Utility Companies, Utility Rates, Electricity

Other Titles

Electricity Distributed Generation with Capacity Number Type Of Generator 2011, Electricity Distributed Generation Utility Characteristics Number Capacity Types Of Generators 2011

YearYear of Datadate-
Utility_IdID number of utility (reporting entity)integerlevel : Nominal
Utility_NameName of Utilitystring-
Number_Of_Distributed_GeneratorsNumber of dispersed generators < 1MW (megawatts)integerlevel : Ratio
Capacity_Of_Distributed_GeneratorsCapacity of dispersed generators < 1MW (megawatts)numberlevel : Ratio
Distributed_Generators_For_BackupTotal nameplate capacity that is comprised of dispersed generators that are used only for emergency backup servicenumberlevel : Ratio
Distributed_Generators_Respondent_OwnedTotal nameplate capacity for dispersed generators that the respondent ownsnumberlevel : Ratio
Data_Type1_Actual_Or_EstimatedData Type 1. A=actual, E=estimatedstring-
Capacity_Of_Distributed_Internal_Combustion_Or_Reciprocatiing_EnginesCapacity of dispersed internal combustion/ reciprocating enginesnumberlevel : Ratio
Capacity_Of_Distributed_Combustion_Turbine_GeneratorsCapacity of dispersed combustion turbine generatorsnumberlevel : Ratio
Capacity_Of_Distributed_Steam_Turbine_GeneratorsCapacity of dispersed steam turbine generatorsnumberlevel : Ratio
Capacity_Of_Distributed_Hydroelectric_GeneratorsCapacity of dispersed hydroelectric generatorsnumberlevel : Ratio
Capacity_Of_Distributed_Wind_Turbine_GeneratorsCapacity of dispersed wind turbine generatorsnumberlevel : Ratio
Capacity_Of_Distributed_Photovoltaic_GeneratorsCapacity of dispersed photovoltaic generatorsnumberlevel : Ratio
Capacity_Of_Storage_Distributed_GenerationCapacity of storage dispersed generationnumberlevel : Ratio
Capacity_Of_Distributed_Other_GeneratorsCapacity of dispersed other generatorsnumberlevel : Ratio
Distributed_Total_CapacityTotal capacity less than 1 megawatt that technology (dispersed) comprisesnumberlevel : Ratio
Data_Type2_Actual_Or_EstimatedData Type 2. A=actual, E=estimatedstring-
State_AbbreviationState/Territory in which the generators are locatedstring-
20116866G & K, Inc32A22AAK
201156256City of Atka300000AK
20113900City of Coggon322A22IA
201114246City of Owatonna1A0MN
201124486City of Akutan31A11AAK
20116965City of Garnett722A22AKS
2011123City of Adel31.5A1.51.5AGA
2011907City of Ashland13222A22AOR
2011989City of Attica32.2E2.22.2EKS
20116949City of Gardner20.10.10.1KS