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Emergency Admission Diagnosis

This dataset from the state of California shows the counts of visits or encounters and admissions in emergency departments from 2010 to 2014 for all hospitals in the state. The data is organized by principal diagnosis, county, facility and year.

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This dataset contains the distribution of emergency department visits or encounters and admits by principal diagnosis group for each California hospital for years 2010-2014. The data is sorted by facilities identified in the state, classifies the level of emergency and by type of Emergency Department (ED) encounter wester a visit or an admission. It also records the count of emergencies by principal diagnosis group.

The datasets used from CHHS Open Data Portal has been modified.

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California, United States


John Snow Labs; California Health and Human Services Open Data Portal;

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Emergency Department Visits in California, Emergency Department Visits by County, Emergency Department Records, Emergency Department Visits, ED Principal Diagnosis, ED Patient Discharges

Other Titles

California Emergency Department Admits, California Emergency Department Data, Emergency Department Encounters And Admits By Principal Diagnosis

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
IDA unique number established by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) for identifying facilities and used in the Licensed Facility Information System (LFIS). The first three numbers identify the type of facility, the next two represent the county number, and the last five are randomly assigned within each county.integerlevel : Nominal
YearThe calendar year, based on service date (ED Visit) or discharge date (ED Admit).date-
Facility_NameThe hospital name.string-
CountyThe county where the hospital is located.string-
Type_Of_Facility_OwnershipThe type of ownership and/or legal organization of a hospital licenseestring-
ED_Service_TypeHospital services providing immediate initial evaluation and treatment of acutely ill or injured patients on a 24-hour basis. Licensed EMS levels are: 1. Standby: Provision of emergency medical care in a specifically designated area of the hospital that is equipped and maintained at all times to receive patients with urgent medical problems, and is capable of providing physician service within a reasonable time. 2. Basic: Provision of emergency medical care in a specifically designated area of the hospital that is staffed and equipped at all times to provide prompt care for any patient presenting urgent medical problems. 3. Comprehensive: Provision of diagnostic and therapeutic services for unforeseen physical and mental disorders that, if not properly treated, would lead to marked suffering, disability, or death. The scope of services is comprehensive with in-house capability for managing all medical situations on a definitive and continuing basis.string-
ED_Visit_Or_AdmissionED Visit - An outpatient encounter record is created each time a patient is treated in a licensed emergency department. ED Admit - An admittance record is generated each time a patient is admitted from a licensed emergency department to a hospital.string-
Main_DiagnosisGroupings of records based on the reported Principal Diagnosis (ICD-9-CM) code. Infections (001-139), Neoplasms (140-239), Endocrine/Metabolism (240-279), Blood/Blood-forming Organs (280-289), Psychoses & Neurosis (290-319), Nervous & Sensory Systems (320-389), Circulatory (390-459), Respiratory (460-519), Digestive (520-579), Genitourinary (580-629), All Pregnancies (630-679), Skin (680-709), Musculoskeletal (710-739), Congenital Anomalies (Birth Defects) (740-759), Perinatal Disorders (760-779), Symptoms (780-799), Injuries/Drugs/Complications (800-999), Other Reasons (V01-V29, V40-V89), Births (V30-V39).string-
CountCount of emergency department encounters (ED Visits) or admits from the emergency department (ED Admits).string-

Data Preview

IDYearFacility NameCountyType Of Facility OwnershipED Service TypeED Visit Or AdmissionMain DiagnosisCount
1060107352010Alameda HospitalAlamedaPublic - DistrictBasicED VisitAll Pregnancies188
1060107352010Alameda HospitalAlamedaPublic - DistrictBasicED VisitBlood/Blood-forming Organs30
1060107352010Alameda HospitalAlamedaPublic - DistrictBasicED VisitCirculatory195
1060107352010Alameda HospitalAlamedaPublic - DistrictBasicED VisitCongenital Anomalies (Birth Defects)1
1060107352010Alameda HospitalAlamedaPublic - DistrictBasicED VisitDigestive543
1060107352010Alameda HospitalAlamedaPublic - DistrictBasicED VisitEndocrine/Metabolism144
1060107352010Alameda HospitalAlamedaPublic - DistrictBasicED VisitGenitourinary533
1060107352010Alameda HospitalAlamedaPublic - DistrictBasicED VisitInfections200
1060107352010Alameda HospitalAlamedaPublic - DistrictBasicED VisitInjuries/Drugs/Complications3241
1060107352010Alameda HospitalAlamedaPublic - DistrictBasicED VisitMusculoskeletal888