Food Hygiene Rating Data in Oxford City Council

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This dataset provides the food hygiene rating or inspection result given to a business and reflects the standards of food hygiene found on the date of inspection or visit by the local authority. Businesses include restaurants, pubs, cafés, takeaways, hotels and other places consumers eat, as well as supermarkets. The data is held on behalf of local authorities participating in the Food Standards Agency’s National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.


The food hygiene rating reflects the hygiene standards found at the time the business is inspected by a food safety officer. These officers are specially trained to assess food hygiene standards.

A food safety officer inspects a business to check that it meets the requirements of food hygiene law. The officer is from the local authority where the business is located.

At the inspection, the officer will check:
– How hygienically the food is handled – how it is prepared, cooked, re-heated, cooled and stored
– The condition of the structure of the buildings – the cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation and other facilities
– How the business manages what it does to make sure food is safe and so that the officer can be confident standards will be maintained in the future

Each of these three elements is essential for making sure that food hygiene standards meet requirements and the food served or sold to customers is safe to eat.

The hygiene standards found at the time of inspection are then rated on a scale. At the bottom of the scale is ‘0’ – this means urgent improvement is required. At the top of the scale is ‘5’ – this means the hygiene standards are very good.

If the top rating is not given, the officer will explain to the person who owns or manages the business what improvements need to be made and what action they can take to improve their hygiene rating.

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UK Restaurant Ratings, UK Restaurant Hygiene Ratings, Restaurant Inspection Scores in Oxford City Council, UK Food Hygiene Rating Data

FHRS_IdNational Food Hygiene Rating Scheme ID by Food Standards Agency (FSA)integerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Local_Authority_Business_IdBusiness ID of local authoritystringrequired : 1
Business_NameName of food businessstringrequired : 1
Business_TypeType of business including restaurants, pubs, cafés, takeaways, hotels and other places consumers eat, as well as in supermarkets and other food shopsstringrequired : 1
Business_Type_IdID assigned to the type of businessintegerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Zip_CodeBusiness postal/zip codestring-
Inspection_Rating_ValueThe hygiene standards found at the time of inspection are rated on a scale from 0 to 5, where 0 means urgent improvement is required. 5 means the hygiene standards are very good.integerlevel : Interval
Inspection_Rating_StatusStatus of inspection ratingstringenum : Array
Inspection_Rating_KeySpecific key associated with each inspection rating valuestringrequired : 1
Inspection_Rating_DateDate the inspection is carried outdate-
Hygiene_ScoreTotal hygiene score given by the quality inspectorintegerlevel : Ratio
Structural_ScoreScore given to the business structure/buildingintegerlevel : Ratio
Confidence_In_Management_ScoreScore given to business managementintegerlevel : Ratio
Is_New_Rating_PendingIndicates if the new inspection rating is pending by the inspection officerbooleanrequired : 1
Business_AddressAddress of business locationstring-
LatitudeLatitude coordinates of business locationnumber-
LongitudeLongitude coordinates of business locationnumber-
26933411/00057/COMMacy'sMobile caterer78465fhrs_5_en-GB2015-03-215true
51118213/00006/COMSoloman'sMobile caterer78465fhrs_5_en-GB2017-01-20false
78241915/00093/COMMr CoolMobile caterer78465fhrs_5_en-GB2015-07-31555false
70176614/00095/COMTaste TibetMobile caterer78464fhrs_4_en-GB2016-09-26false
70540214/00109/COMTwirly TatesMobile caterer78465fhrs_5_en-GB2016-02-11false
92993116/00130/COMPavitraRetailers - other46135fhrs_5_en-GB2016-04-11555false
51118313/00007/COMPizza ArtisanMobile caterer78465fhrs_5_en-GB2017-01-20false
26932010980/2024/2/000Posh NoshMobile caterer78465fhrs_5_en-GB2016-12-02false
95205317/00048/COMPoundlandRetailers - other46135fhrs_5_en-GB2017-03-165false
93282616/00145/COMSweet EventsMobile caterer78465fhrs_5_en-GB2016-11-155false