Green Pricing Revenue Sales Capacity By Generation Type State Sector

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The Energy Information Administration dataset files include information such as peak load, generation, electric purchases, sales, revenues, customer counts and demand-side management programs, green pricing and net metering programs, and distributed generation capacity.


The Dataset contains aggregate data of the number of customers by State and sector for Green Pricing (for 2007 forward) the revenue and sales from Green Pricing programs and (for 2010 and forward) installed capacity by generation type: photovoltaic; wind; CHP/cogen; and other. Green Pricing programs allow customers to purchase power generated from renewable resources and to pay for renewable energy development

The dataset compiled by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) using data from ABB, the Velocity Suite and the U.S. Energy Information Administration dataset 861, provides average residential, commercial and industrial electricity rates by zip code for both investor owned utilities (IOU) and non-investor owned utilities. The file includes average rates for each utility, but not the detailed rate structure data found in the Open EI U.S. Utility Rate Database. A more recent version of this data is also available through the NREL Utility Rate API with more search options. This data was released by NREL/Ventyx in February 2011.

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Green Pricing Programs Revenue Sales Installed Capacity By Generation Type State And Sector, Green Pricing Programs Revenue Sales Installed Capacity Of Generators No Of Customers By State And Sector, Green Pricing Programs Revenue Sales Installed Capacity Of Photovoltaic Wind CHP/Cogen And Other Generation Type, Green Pricing Programs No Of Customers By State Sector And Generation Type

YearData Yeardate-
Utility_IdUtility ID Numberintegerlevel : Nominal
Utility_NameUtility Namestring-
State_AbbreviationState or territory in which program is activestring-
Green_Pricing_No_Of_Customer_ResidentialNumber of Green Pricing Residential Consumersnumberlevel : Ratio
Green_Pricing_No_Of_Customer_CommercialNumber of Green Pricing Commercial Consumersnumberlevel : Ratio
Green_Pricing_No_Of_Customer_IndustrialNumber of Green Pricing Industrial Consumersnumberlevel : Ratio
Green_Pricing_No_Of_Customer_TransportationNumber of Green Pricing Transportation Consumersnumberlevel : Ratio
Green_Pricing_No_Of_Customer_TotalTotal number of Green Pricing Consumersnumberlevel : Ratio
Green_Pricing_Revenues_ResidentialRevenue from green pricing programs (in thousand dollars) from residential customersnumberlevel : Ratio
Green_Pricing_Revenues_CommercialRevenue from green pricing programs (in thousand dollars) from commercial customersnumberlevel : Ratio
Green_Pricing_Revenues_IndustrialRevenue from green pricing programs (in thousand dollars) from industrial customersnumberlevel : Ratio
Green_Pricing_Revenues_Transportation_CustomersRevenue from green pricing programs (in thousand dollars) from transportation customersnumberlevel : Ratio
Green_Pricing_Revenues_TotalTotal revenue from green pricing programsnumberlevel : Ratio
Green_Pricing_Sales_Residential_CustomersElectricity sales (in Megawatthours) to residential customers in green pricing programsnumberlevel : Ratio
Green_Pricing_Sales_Commercial_CustomersElectricity sales (in Megawatthours) to commercial customers in green pricing programsnumberlevel : Ratio
Green_Pricing_Sales_Industrial_CustomersElectricity sales (in Megawatthours) to industrial customers in green pricing programsnumberlevel : Ratio
Green_Pricing_Sales_Transportation_CustomersElectricity sales (in Megawatthours) to transportation customers in green pricing programsnumberlevel : Ratio
Green_Pricing_Sales_Total_CustomersElectricity sales (in Megawatthours) to all customers in green pricing programsnumberlevel : Ratio
2011695City of AnsleyNE
20116866G & K, IncAK00000
201113153WTU Energy, LPTX
20111839City of BlandingUT00
20118245City of Hastings - (NE)NE
201111241Entergy Louisiana IncLA0
201111572City of Mankato - (KS)KS
20111579PUD No 1 of Benton CountyWA
201115846City of RemsenIA330.10.11010
201120521Wheeling Power CoWV000000000