Hartford Fire Incidents Report

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This dataset reflects all fire incidents reported to the Hartford Fire Department (HFD) from January 1, 2014, through September 26, 2018.


The Hartford Fire Department provides fire protection and first responder emergency medical services to the city of Hartford, Connecticut. The Hartford Fire Department is one of four ISO Class 1-rated fire departments in New England.

The Hartford Fire Department protects 38 square miles and covers the 5 villages that make up the town of Hartford (approximate population 11,000).

The Town of Hartford Fire Department employs 20 full-time employees and approximately 10 call firefighters providing fire and advance life support services to the community. The Fire Department responds to approximately 1,700 emergency calls per year.

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Hartford Fire Incidents, Incident Reports, Complaints Filed, Hartford Fire Protection, Hartford Emergency Services, Hartford Emergency Calls, Hartford Fire Activity, Hartford Emergency Medical Services, Hartford Medical Emergencies

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Hartford Fire Department, HFD Complaints, Emergency Services in Hartford, Hartford Fire Department Reports

Alarm_TimeTime of alarm at which Fire Incident occurredstring-
Alarm_DateDate of alarm when Fire Incident occurredstring-
Incident_NumberA unique number assigned to the incident casestring-
StationNumber of Stationintegerlevel : Nominal
Occupant_IDUnique number assigned to the occupant incidentintegerlevel : Nominal
Address_Line1Street number where Fire Incident occurredstring-
Address_Line2Street name where Fire Incident occurredstring-
Address_Line3Type of streetstring-
CityCity where Fire Incident occurredstring-
ZIP_CodeZIP Code where Fire Incident occurredintegerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeLatitude location of the Fire Incidentnumber-
LongitudeLongitude location of the Fire Incidentnumber-
Multiple_AidNumber of multiple aid available at the stationnumberlevel : Ratio
ShiftThe on-duty shift or platoon that responded to the incident.string-
AlarmsNumber of time fire alarm was ringingintegerlevel : Ratio
Alarm_TypeThe definition of an alarm, which is determined at the local level where the number of alarms may be related to mutual aid support and indicate incident severity.numberlevel : Nominal
Incident_TypeType of incidentstring-
DescriptionDescription of fire incident typestring-
Arrival_TimeArrival time of the Fire Department on incident placestring-
03-Oct-1717-0276058ST611241.777-72.6929A167:50:36 PM
3:55:25 PM04-Jul-1717-0185044Hartford0B11552Police matter4:02:31 PM
2:28:07 AM10-Mar-1616-0070005140KAWest Hartford03D16111Building fire2:40:00 AM
5:45:45 PM23-Aug-1414-0235039Hartford0D169001Special Events Response5:46:49 PM
7:50:07 PM29-Jan-1717-00290602CHAPELSTHartford6103B14552Police matter7:53:18 PM
11:48:41 PM25-May-1818-01451135NILESSTHartford610541.7689-72.6937C1611:48:41 PM
2:12:16 PM28-Feb-1818-00590428AFFLECKSTHartford610641.7531-72.6897A1112:00:00 AM
4:16:04 AM18-Nov-1616-032300712COLTS PARKHartford6106A11552Police matter4:23:04 AM
7:35:09 AM03-Aug-1818-02150179BRISTOLSTHartford610641.7257-72.7099D119027:40:15 AM
4:35:13 AM07-Jun-1818-01580071EASTBissell Bridge03C16356High-angle rescue4:48:32 AM
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