Hartford Police Incident Reports

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This dataset reflects reported incidents of crime (with the exception of sexual assaults, which are excluded by statute) that occurred in the City of Hartford from 2005 to the present, minus the most recent ten days.
Data is extracted from the City of Hartford Police Department’s CrimeView database on a daily basis.

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These incidents are based on crimes verified by the Hartford Police Department’s Crime Analysis Division. The crime classifications may be changed at a later date based upon additional investigation and there is always the possibility of mechanical or human error. Therefore, the Hartford Police Department does not guarantee (either expressed or implied) the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or correct sequencing of the information and the information should not be used for comparison purposes over time. The Hartford Police Department will not be responsible for any error or omission, or for the use of, or the results obtained from the use of this information.

The Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) compiles official data on crime in the United States, published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). UCR is a nationwide, cooperative statistical effort of nearly 18,000 cities, university and college, county, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies voluntarily reporting data on crimes brought to their attention

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Hartford Crimes, Hartford Incidents, Incidents of Crime, Crime Victims, Criminal Offenses, Offenses, Police Incidents

Other Titles

Crimes in Hartford in 2018, All Reported Incidents in Hartford

Case_NumberUnique Case number assigned to each incident reportedintegerlevel : Nominal
DateDate when the incident occurreddate-
TimeTime of incident in 24 hourstime-
AddressAddress of the incidentstring-
UCR_1_CodeUniform crime reporting codeintegerlevel : Nominal
UCR_1_CategoryUniform crime reporting categorystring-
UCR_1_DescriptionUniform crime reporting descriptionstring-
UCR_2_CodeUniform crime reporting category 2integerlevel : Nominal
UCR_2_CategoryUniform crime reporting category 2string-
UCR_2_DescriptionUniform crime reporting description 2string-
NeighborhoodThe neighborhood of the location, using the neighborhood file on the city’s Open Data Portalstring-
LatitudeThe latitude of the location where the incident occurrednumber-
LongitudeThe longitude of the location where the incident occurrednumber-
70263792007-06-2220:00:00191 ANN ST615LARCENYLARC4-PURSEDOWNTOWN41.7681-72.67806
70009712007-01-0613:30:00191 ANN ST615LARCENYLARC4-PURSEDOWNTOWN41.7681-72.67806
60522532006-12-0223:00:0084 UNION PL615LARCENYLARC4-PURSEDOWNTOWN41.7692-72.68115
70001712006-12-3023:19:005 CONE ST3703FIRE-RELATEDARSON 3WESTEND41.76868-72.71222
60488552006-11-0914:54:005 CONE ST3703FIRE-RELATEDARSON 3WESTEND41.76868-72.71222
70205912007-05-2123:30:0010 OWEN ST644LARCENYLARC3M/V PARTWESTEND41.7667-72.70477
70309442007-07-2823:13:006 GRAY ST664LARCENYLARC3-BUILDINGWESTEND41.76431-72.70733
70315552007-08-0120:12:00942 MAIN ST614LARCENYLARC3-PURSEDOWNTOWN41.76805-72.67283
60408502006-09-1618:25:0070 CONE ST683LARCENYLARC3-MISCELLWESTEND41.76877-72.71496
70021052007-01-1310:00:0050 UNION PL615LARCENYLARC4-PURSEDOWNTOWN41.76896-72.68113